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The internet is just overwhelming. Every day I discover new great sites with interesting content about Roman coins. I'm sure you do too!
Perhaps an idea to share these sites in this topic? And don't forget to share a nice photo as well! 😉

How about this site with info about several mints, etc.: https://www.aeternitas-numismatics.com/home/categories/numismatics


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If you collect the Gallienus zoo series, this site is for you!

Gallienus, 253-268 AD.
Roman Æ Antoninianus, 2.63 g, 20.8 mm, 5 h.
Rome Mint, 10th emission, 267-268 AD.
Obv: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head right.
Rev: LIBERO P CONS AVG, tiger walking left, B in exergue.
Refs: RIC 230K; Göbl 713b; Cohen 586; RCV 10281; Cunetio 1341; Hunter 112.

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If you’re a collector or just a fan of coins from the Gallic Empire, here is the place to go. Basically the site is in French, but with the help of Google translate participants from Italy, Netherlands, Germany can contribute to the discussions. Not too many members but real experts with wonderful collections there. Everyone is welcome !


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There's a lot of useful information on Roman Republican coins on Andrew McCabe's site:


Anonymous Republican denarii and victoriati can be difficult to attribute and tell apart - Crawford catalogues many different types but gives the same descriptions for most of them so we're left to squint at the plates and guess.

Well, these pages clarify a lot - for denarii & victoriati:




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