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I had a bunch of fun doing a similar write up on another site with the star of the showing being hot dog neck Vespasian..

They took the whole thread down due to the use of the word boner... looks like THEY pulled a boner!


Of course if we are making fun of ole Vespy. Why did honky tonk Vespasian have crap on his nose? He was looking for love in all the wrong places:


Not to be confused with sneezing Caracalla. And one can only hope Jupiter was just cold from visiting his brother in the ocean when he posed for this:


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Severina VENVS FELIX  E denarius.jpg
Severina, AD 270-275.
Roman billon denarius, 2.52 g, 18.8 mm, 6 h.
Rome mint, officina 5, issue 11, early – September AD 275.
Obv: SEVERINA AVG, diademed and draped bust, right.
Rev: VENVS FELIX, Venus standing left, holding unidentified object (perfume box, apple?)and long scepter; –/–//∈.
Refs: RIC 6; MER/RIC 1861; Cohen 14; RCV 11710; CBN 285-86; La Venera 1510-11. 

The references call this an "unidentified object, but @Severus Alexander and I have identified it as a miniature poodle.



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That bulgy weiner Vespasian portrait slays me, @Ryro!! 🤣

Many of you have seen my lowly worm Phocas, the height of Byzantine portraiture:


In Carthage they believed Justin II was the spitting image of Mick Jagger (this is a half siliqua) :


Here's my favourite die break:


The later Bosporan Kingdom portraits often give a chuckle too.  Here's Rhescuporis VI (308-342) with his buddy Constantine the Great.  I kind of doubt the latter approved the portrait before production time:


Fun thread!  Salut!





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The reverse of this sestertius of Faustina II issued under her father (RIC 1386b) supposedly depicts "Venus Genetrix standing left, holding apple and child in swaddling clothes."

Faustina Jr VENERI GENETRICI Sestertius.jpg

I dunno ... that doesn't look like an apple to me. In fact, it's clear that it's a cylindrical object with roundish logo on the side, a heap of whipped cream, and a straw.

Faustina Jr VENERI GENETRICI Sestertius close up.jpg

It can be nothing other than the Unicorn Frappucino!!

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