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Spanish Empire coinage


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This is a very broad topic!  Here are a couple:

Spain, 2 Reales, Seville, 1737 (25 mm)  It should be 27 mm, and I believe the edge was clipped long ago.1759360243_Spain2RealesSeville173725mm.jpeg.bed04e98adf6a301fc6a30dd7347872b.jpeg

Spain, 1497-1566, Cuenca, 1 Blanca688832723_Spain1497-1566Cuenca1Blanca.jpeg.00b7d1d3ce9ef6f66b0ddb02232505a1.jpeg

Carlos III, Pretender, Spain, 2 Reales, 1711476136778_CarlosIIIPretenderSpain2Reales1711.jpeg.c2fe72bfc412d82ebf588d28cdc8da2e.jpeg

Spain, Joseph Napoleon, 4 Reales, 18122132403822_SpainJosephNapoleon4Reales1812.jpeg.ec63a3775eda80b731dc4d02a08d9c3a.jpeg

Spain, 1868, 2½ centimos, Isabel II1654459619_Spain1868centimos.jpg.758c0e02d3c4733f01ef6994d7e774e3.jpg

edit:  I had "2.5 centimos" in the file name, and the image uploader doesn't seem to like dots in filenames.  Fixed?

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I have 4 Spanish coins - one ancient, one cob, one of Franco and this.

Ferdinand V and Isabella I Blanca, 1497-1566
Casa Vieja de Segovia. Billon, 18mm, 0.84g. Crowned Y monogram of Isabella I of Castile; pellet in left field, A in right field, castle below Y; + REX : ET : REGINA : CAST : LEGI (King and queen of Castile and Leon and Aragon and Sicily and Granada). Crowned F monogram of Ferdinand V of Aragon; pellets in left and right fields and below F; + FERNANDVS · ET · ELISABET · (Calico e Trigo 625). Found Digby, Lincolnshire, England.

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My collection is heavy on the Spanish colonial side, with some mainland as well.  Here are a few.  I need to photograph more....

Potosi, 8 reales, 1646 R over P, Philip IV. Rare.

KM 19a

26.2 grams



Mexico, 4 reales, Charles and Joanna (struck under Philip II), circa 1570, assayer L.



Potos,i 8 reales, Chaarles IV (proper bust), 1791 PR.  Possibly from the Cuzco Hoard.

KM 73 



Mexico, 8 Reales, 1744 MF, Philip V.  Heavy chops-test cuts.

26.4 grams



Colombia, Bogota, 2 escudos, NRA, circa 1630s, Philip IV.

6.7 grams 




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Some Spanish Colonials:

Mexico 8 Reales 1796, Chopmarked1520553343_Mexico8Reales1796Chopmarked.jpeg.bea306923d242477232cbec64b0c3b95.jpeg

Mexico Carlos IIII 8 Reales 1791, Chopmarked1422201975_MexicoCarlosIIII8Reales1791chops.jpeg.afdc4904a205887254bd2ecddf99a5cd.jpeg

Bolivia 1774 1 Real (?)Bolivia.jpeg.b731c71d3605165640e0c50ffba432f3.jpeg

Chile 1812 2 Reales1521556612_Chile18122Reales.jpg.467099718b460b58c12f48e45c5b5242.jpg

Guatemala 8 Reales Cob 1739, holed648783672_CobFobGuatemala8Reales1739.jpg.efa23d00016126245446bd45144a0204.jpg

I have a soft spot for "problem" coins.  Holed, chop marks, ex-jewelry etc.  But there's a lot of interesting stuff out there.

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