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Switzerland and Swiss Cantons (and a Basilisk)

The Eidolon

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2 hours ago, ominus1 said:

..ya know its kinda funny that i don't any Swiss Frances, but the last two ancients i bought were paid in CHF...:D

I cringe everytime I have to send a wire in Swiss Francs/ it costs me $1.45 Canadian for 1 SFR. About same to do US$/ EUROS/ UK Pounds. Collectors living in Canada, are tormented by a weak currency. Most of my Swiss coins are in dukats/ duplones. I do have a 1922-B AV 10 Franken/ 1902-B AV 20 Franken/ 1939 AV 100 Franken. Had my parents stayed in Germany/ I could buy 45% more rare coins with stronger euro.

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I've got a couple of older Swiss coins. Here are some from Basel:


Bishopric of Basel, probably under Heinrich I. von Horburg, AR “vierzipfliger Pfennig”, ca. 1180–1190 AD. Obv: thick cross with annulets in quadrants. Rev: wheel with six spokes (or: star/flower in circle). 17mm, 0.37g. Ref: HMZ - (see 1-203, uniface issue); Wielandt 49; Slg. Wüthrich 5; Lanz 29, no. 240 (Barbarossa-Fund). Ex Savoca, 39th Silver Auction, lot 390 (unsold); ex Savoca, 29th Blue Auction, lot 1824.


Prince-Bishopric of Basel, under Johann II. Senn von Münsingen, Angster ("vierzipfliger Pfennig"), 1335–1365 AD. Obv: head of a bishop wearing mitre (three pellets at each side) left, between B-A, ring above. Rev: negative design (bracteate). 17–20mm, 0.33g. Ref: Wielandt: Basler Münzprägung (1971), 117; HMZ 1–255; Slg. Wüthrich 31; Slg. Bonhoff 1771; Berger 2415–6.


Basel, City and Canton, AR "Rappen," after 1498. Obv: crosier ("Baselstab") in shield with three v-shaped ornaments; all in dotted border. Rev: negative design (bracteate). 17.5 mm, 0.27g. Ref: Slg. Wüthrich 66a; HMZ 2–89a.




Zurich, Imperial Abbey of Fraumünster, "vierzipfliger Pfennig," ca. 1300–1320. Obv: ZVRICh; veiled head of nun facing. Rev: negative design (bracteate). 18mm, 0.40g. Ref: Berger 2472–2475; Schwarz 30; Hürlimann 38; Slg. Wüthrich 208–9; Slg. Bonhoff 1801.




Schaffhausen, City, AR bracteate penny (“vierzipfliger Pfennig”), mid-13th century. Obv: sheep walking r., star above. Rev: incuse design (bracteate). 17mm, 0.34g. Ref. Berger 2463; Wielandt (Breisgau) 52;  HMZ 1-427.


St. Gall:


Abbey of St. Gall, under Ulrich IV von Tegerfelden, AR bracteate, 1167-1199 AD. Obv: +MONETA•SANCTI•GALLI; bearded bust of St. Gall, with tonsure, facing. Rev: negative design (bracteate). 23mm, 0.46g. Ref: Berger 2568–9; HMZ 1-463; Slg. Bonhoff 1817–8; Slg. Wüthrich 272–5.




Zofingen (under the Counts of Froburg), bracteate penny ("vierzipfliger Pfennig"), ca. 1285–1295 AD. Obv: ZOVI; male frontal bust (St. Maurice?) flanked by two stars, crescent above. Rev: incuse design. 18mm . Ref: Berger 2445–6; Slg. Wüthrich 134–5; HMZ I–149a.

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