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2022 Was a Fantastic Coin/Antiquity Year!

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Happy New Year’s Eve!!

You all did fantastic this year with your coin lists!  I thoroughly enjoy reading them every year.

This year, thanks to getting a job finally, I was able to get back into buying coins.  

My brother and I had an amazing collecting year.  

I’ll start with my coins first.

At the start of the year, I was able to add two coins that I thought would take me years to get.  They from Herod Antipas.  These are a must for any collector of Biblical coins.


I then received a belated Christmas gift from Steve Arino from the other forum.  They are some fun Byzantine coins!


After my bearded dragon, Herbert died, I decided to shift my focus a bit and start getting coins with reptiles on them.

@Qcumbor helped me start with a fabulous crocodile!


Next up, I got a coin that I had been wanting for years.  The Eion Macedonian Diobol.


My brother and I share birthdays in November, so, we decided to get each other coins.  Continuing on with the crocodiles, my brother got me this Hadrian drachm.


A couple at the food bank I volunteer at gave me my first gold coin!  At first, I thought that they had made a mistake.  But, after talking to them, they did intend to give me the coin. A $5 golden eagle!


Then, came Christmas!  I was blessed with three Secret Santa’s. 😃

@Qcumbor with this marvellous follis!


@ominus1 with the super awesome Yugoslavian dinar and large Canadian cent!


Finally, my Secret Saturnalia finishing up the year with this Julian bull, Constantius II campgate and fun Byzantine that I’m still trying to figure out.  Lol


My brother and I split on a pack of SAflips for Christmas, yay! 🤪

So, needless to say, 2022 completely blew my mind!  I’m still in disbelief!

I’m sure 2023 is going to be just as good!

Thank you all for continuing to make this the absolute best hobby!

All the best in 2023!



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Now onto my brother’s year.

The last coin on my first post is the coin I got him for his birthday, a Constantius II imitation that I picked solely for the Beavis portrait, the mess in the reverse is an added bonus.

In order to get the Herod Antipas coins, I sold two coins to my brother.  One was my crocodile dupondius that @Qcumbor generously replaced.  I don’t have a pic of it on my phone.  The other was my comet denarius.  As much as I enjoyed that coin, it was more important for me to have Herod Antipas.


My brother rented space in his room to my fire bellied toads when I had them and he grew fond of them.  So, when this popped up, he had to get it.  It’s an Ae cast unica.


Finally, my brother hit the ball out of the park with this next purchase.  While on the hunt for a Canaanite artifact, he discovered a brick with a faint inscription of Nebuchadnezzar II.  It is incredibly cool!  I’m still in shock that he has it. 😲

I tried to convince him to let me be co-owner because I influenced him to start collecting, but, it didn’t work.  Lol 🤪


So, he did fantastic too!  I can’t wait to see what he gets in 2023.  😃  

Happy collecting all!



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Congrats on a great year, Erin, and three cheers for Canadians born in November! 😄 The Hadrian diobol, the croc from @Qcumbor, and especially the Eion diobol are real beauties!!  I absolutely love the coin you gave to your brother too.  Is it perhaps overstruck on an official solders/standards GLORIA EXERCITVS? That would be extra cool!

Partly because of your posts I beefed up my Judaean section a lot this year, from one lonely Pilate coin to 10 coins.  Thanks for being a good influence, and Happy New Year! 🎉


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Thanks everyone!

@robinjojo, thanks!  I thought it was Justinian.  I just needed confirmation, so, I really appreciate it!

Wow!  I’ve never been an influencer, so, I’m honoured, @Severus Alexander!  Your Judaeans are wonderful!

I’m pretty proud of the coin I got my brother.  It definitely appears to be overstruck on the soldiers/standards.  It’s a really fun coin!  One of my goals is to get a funny looking imitation this year. 😃


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