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A new coin storage system to end the year!

Hughie Dwyer

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Hello all,

I hope you are all well. I thought that I would share with you my new way to store my coins. This post is a bit irrelevant but I just wondered what you all think of it - because I am very happy with it. Pictures are posted below.

It is a coin case with various trays and it is a great improvement from the PVC book they were stored in before. At the time, I had no idea of the extent that PVC damages coins. This post is a bit of a follow-on from @ComicMan's thread a few weeks ago. I said then that I was looking for a new storage system (not too expensive) that would help to keep my coins as safe as possible. Here it is:

(Sorry about the photos - I took them on my phone in a rush)




(the coins relate to the tickets to the right)

Finally, I don't know if this is a problem for anyone else but as I carried my new coin case around, they could move about and sometimes even fall down the side! After a few times this happened and a few scares about damaging my coins, I found the perfect solution for me! These small coin 'capsules' make sure that the coins are safe. My only concern is as follows:

'As all of my coins are not perfectly round, some of them can rattle against the sides of the capsule - is this a problem.'


Many thanks to anyone who views this. 

Thank you Nvmis Forvms for a fantastic start in my coin-collecting journey! Happy New Year everyone and may 2023 find you all well!

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Maybe you could put an extra tray in the case, or a large rectangular pad (or multiple pads) which is the same size as a tray, on top of the stack of trays, to ensure that there is no extra space between the trays, or between the trays and the case, when the case is closed. Perhaps that would prevent the coins from falling out of the compartments, because the trays would be pressed against each other, and the trays would be pressed against the pad or against the case.

Most of my coins are in 1-compartment Abafil velvet trays, within Abafil cases. Because I have so many coins in 1 compartment, I never carry my coin cases vertically. I always carry my coin cases horizontally, to prevent the coins from moving all around the 1 compartment. I also have 24 compartment trays, but I haven't been using them much, but maybe someday I will.

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@Hughie Dwyer..

Really nice looking!...Aesthetically pleasing with the circle next to the square...

The only thing I might look at, when your collection grows, is to place the description tag under the coin capsule as this will obviously double your capacity?

I agree with @sand , as you probably know I display my collection in a glass cabinet but the over flow are stored in aluminium cases the same as yours but with the raw coin in the tray compartment and I always carry them horizontally!

I'm unfamiliar with the capsules but I can see there are rings of white coloured foam of different diameters, can you squeeze one more in around the coins that rattle so that it grips the coin on a couple of points and stops them rattling?

If your collection stays small your way of displaying them is very nice!

BTW...Cool looking coins!


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