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  1. Reddit's /r/ancientcoins has almost 50,000 members, not that everyone there is a collector, but it indicates a pretty large interest in the hobby (though with the top post only having 1k upvotes the engagement isn't quite there). 50,000 seems really conservative now (though maybe it was a good guess 20 years ago). But communities are rather fragmented, a lot of collectors are on different forums, Facebook groups, maybe a lot of the old guard doesn't even interact with anyone online. Also, this is an English-language forum, there are probably groups in other languages as well too.
  2. Bull. Been a while since I showed this one off last, but one of my favorite coins: Julian II. 360-363 AD. AE Maiorina (8.75 gm, 29mm). Antioch mint. Struck 361-363 AD. Obv.: D N FL CL IVLIANVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust to right. Rev.: SECVRITAS REIPVB, bull standing to right, two stars above; (palm)ANTΞ“(palm) in exergue. RIC 216; LRBC 2640. aVF.
  3. Let's keep the Domitian streak going then! This was my second silver coin by the way. DOMITIAN.(81-96).Rome.Denarius. Obv : DOMITIANVS CAESAR AVG F. Laureate head right. Rev : COS V. She-wolf standing left, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus, in exergue, boat. RIC II 961. Weight : 3.18 gr Diameter : 18 mm
  4. πŸ₯³ Now you guys gotta guess which Roman coin that I will get πŸ˜‡
  5. I won't lie I would be curious to see what it is (if they don't reveal it at the end, only to the winner I think there will be a riot), and since Biddr knows so there can be no switcheroo. And if it is a low value coin then there will similarly be an uproar, and nobody will participate in the next such thing. So, I think that it is something that is high value, probably not rare or in exceptional condition. Since you are offering a prize I might as well hazard a guess, I think that it will be a Lysimachos Tetradrachm. Not based on anything, but that is what my gut is telling me. But I think that this is a really scummy tactic tbh, and I do not support auction houses making use of this kind of Gatcha method.
  6. Cool thread, I will give it a more comprehensive read when I am less busy. But in the meantime, here is my Alexander tet apparently from Tarsos, apparently lifetime. @Kaleun96 and I talked about it on Discord πŸ˜‡ Got it from Tom Vossen, he listed it as Price 2991 though we are not sure. I am just really happy with it, it is a thick one! 😁
  7. Eraviscan denarius imitating the types of L. Papius. 79 BC - 1 BC Obv: Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat skin headdress, T behind. Rev: Griffin leaping right, berry (?) below. Probably a die match with this one in the article (Fig. 7): https://numismatics.org/pocketchange/eraviscan/, the obverse is obviously a quite corroded but it is actually not as bad as on this picture, the lighting really brings out every flaw while in hand it is quite nice. Why a favorite? I like Roman coins and this was an imitative minted and used in Hungary so it has a connection to me. Next: A flawed coin that you like (corroded, worn dies, etc.), if you wanna be spicy something expensive that is flawed.
  8. Yeah those Ptolemaic monarch sure did love their eagles while the Seleucids had many symbols, anchor, horse, elephant, etc. Really like the first Seleucid coin that you posted, that is a badass helmet and a nice reverse.
  9. Really liking this one on Ma-Shops, might make that my first Ptolemaic tet. Any opinions here from people who collect Hellenistic coins?
  10. Just watched a very interesting video about Seleucid coinage: I personally don't have any coins from them, and only one Ptolemaic coin. Does anyone here collect coins from these Hellenistic dynasties? Which one do you prefer? I would love to get into some nice tets from this period, especially have my eyes on Demitrius I Soter, and the early Ptolemies and Seleucids. My coin, certainly a chunky one: Ptolemaic Kingdom. Ptolemy II Philadelphos. 285-246 BC. AE Diobol (14.78 gm, 29mm). Alexandreia mint. Series 2F. Struck circa 275/4-260s BC. Obv.: diademed head of Zeus-Ammon right. Rev.: eagle with open wings standing left on thunderbolt; monogram above shield to left, O between legs. CPE B177; Svoronos 586; SNG Copenhagen 123. aVF.
  11. Very interesting that whoever was making these copies /counterfeits would have seen the original aureus! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Have you worn it as jewelry? Or did you just add it for completeness? Nice coin! And it looks like you have a phone number to call then 😁
  13. Ooh, really cool info, since that is not exactly the most common type for him or anything. What are the theories about the X? Very nice gold coin too by the way.
  14. Coins with a banker's mark, a countermark, just some scratches, they all "deface" our coins to some extent, but I also think that they are cool to some extent. I am looking at a Roman Republican coin, well actually two of them. One in really nice condition and the other with a hole in it that looks worn and shabby, but I think that owning both might be fun. So do you have any coins with holes in them? Do you know of any interesting literature related to coins with holes? Feel free to share I would love to see some ancient (or in some unfortunate cases not so ancient) jewelry! Coin below from my personal collection, found it in a coinstar, it is crazy what people leave in a coinstar at your local Walmart! πŸ˜‰
  15. Congrats! I would love to find one for that price haha. You definitely have one of the more attractive beareded designs too, compared to this: The second one is also Harptree by the way. I am also looking for a good Constantius II now that I think about it, but the thing is that I don't really care for Votive obverses so either the portrait really has to sell me (as is the case on bearded Julian) or I am looking for one with a Victory on it, or one of the other less common designs.
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