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Ancient Coins discord


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Obviously the biggest group at this forum are evacuees from another one. But by no means that's the only one group. Some of us came here straight from a Discord server dedicated to ancient coins. Users there are relatively younger, but no less passionate about ancient coins, antiques and history.

So, if you like an occasionally more lighthearted (but by no means nonsensical) discussion about ancient coins, coupled with an occasional meme, feel free to drop by at https://discord.gg/9fAmRFCGg7












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After my ban at the "other" place, I tried to join Discord. It kept kicking me out and banning me saying my account was doing crazy stuff like spamming. I contacted Discord customer service but didn't get a reply back. Kinda bummed. Oh well, I am happy here 🙂

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20 minutes ago, Furryfrog02 said:

What are you doin in my basement taking pictures of my coin desk? 😛

no Bro...that's my Dinner table....^^   but its good to find another who'd feel comfy with our 'method'.. 😄

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55 minutes ago, Curtisimo said:

I get a blank black screen when I click the link. Nice to see all the folks from all the different groups here though. 

To be fair, the discord has had it's fair share of drama as well, hopefully it'll be nice here 😃

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I dont know, I've tried Discord and its just, well, insanity!  Pretty sure it will never amount to much.  There is here, Cointalk (which is another level of insanity), Forvm (which is largely dead, here or Reddit.  Reddit seems a decent place but not really user friendly like here.

Honestly, Numisforums seems like the place going forward.  

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