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Birthday Coins and Gold Update


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Hi Everyone,

Happy 'Almost End of November!'  It's just flown by!

My brother and I have birthdays 10 days apart and decided to exchange cons this year.  My brother hit his gift to me out of the park!

As I've mentioned before, I'm taking a bit of a break from Judaean coins and trying to focus on coins with reptiles on them.  One must-have coin is the Hadrian drachm with the crocodile under Nilus from Alexandria.  I was very excited when I opened the envelope and saw this:



It is very nice to hold in hand!

For my gift to my brother, I took inspiration from his Squidward daric and found a Constantius II imitation that resembles Beavis from Beavis & Butthead.  I was pretty proud of it. 😄


He was very impressed. 🤪

It was a very fun birthday for both of us!

Update on the gold coin - I spoke to the couple about what they had given me, explaining that it's genuine and approximately how much it's worth and they told me to keep it!😲  I couldn't believe it!  They said that they're just happy that it's with someone who appreciates it as nobody in their family has any interest in coins.  I completely wasn't expecting it and am very grateful for their generosity.

So....... I think there were some pretty sweet scores made this year.  🤩

Feel free to post anything that is completely unrelated. 👍

You guys rock!


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Great coins, Erin — I’m glad to see you posting! Those are some awesome collector’s items.


I too have taken a hiatus from Judaean coins to expand my collection of Imperial Roman coins. That’s one of the reasons I’ve assumed a more Imperial Roman screen name and avatar when I joined NVMIS FORVMS. (Longinus was a legendary Roman soldier who was present at the Crucifixion.)


Branching out broadens my knowledge of the ancient Roman world, and as an additional benefit, inspires a greater appreciation for Judaea and other kingdoms and provinces of the period. Also, at 84 coins with 84 different Hendin numbers, I’ve come to decide that I’ve taken my Judaean collection as far as possible without getting into really expensive, and for me, monetarily unattainable coins of that genre.


Roman coins are a great deal of fun to collect and many of them can be found at reasonable prices.



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Happy Birthday Erin..🥳

Great looking Drachm with a sweet gggg, green patina!

Here's my little Croc...Ma84byX96SegDxw224gG5rQqH3mzqC.jpg.9eae967dde7974cbeca35dd03e5c7f00.jpg

Antoninus Pius, 138 - 161 AD
Billon Tetradrachm, Egypt, Alexandria Mint, 23mm, 11.94 grams
Obverse: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Antoninus right.
Reverse: Nilus reclining left holding reed and cornucopia from which emerges Nilus, crocodile below.
Emmerr 1413.13 // Dattari 2294 // Koln 1594 // K&G 35.426

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Thanks so much, everyone!

@Romismatist, here is the thread I was referring to:

I’ve seen your Roman coins, @LONGINUS, and they are fantastic!

I’ll be all over the place with the reptile collection- Roman and Greek.  I’m hoping to have lizards, snakes and turtles covered.  I highly doubt an Aegean turtle stater is going to make it into my collection any time soon, but, I’ve discovered a couple of more affordable tiny turtles on Vcoins, which I’m really excited about. 😃

I’ve got an eye on what I hope will be my first Roman Republic denarius with a lizard on the obverse.  Fingers crossed that it’ll still be there in the new year!

That is a very nice croc, @Spaniard!

Thank you, @Qcumbor, for your confidence, you knew all along!  Lol


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3 hours ago, airhead1983 said:

Thanks so much, everyone!

@Romismatist, here is the thread I was referring to:

Cool coin, Erin, thanks for sharing! Based on the associated discussion, it's pretty obvious that your selfless actions and kind nature are at the heart of your colleagues' wish to gift you the coin... they knew they were passing on the coin to someone who will cherish and appreciate it. I'm sure it will take pride of place in your collection!  Enjoy!


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