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Whither Opisthodomos?

Gavin Richardson

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So back on September 12 I ordered two coins from the Vcoins dealer Opisthodomos. The invoice was marked paid but it was never marked shipped. On October 8th I sent them a note asking if they had shipped the coins yet since there had been no update to the invoice status. I never heard anything. Today I went to follow up and saw that they weren't listed as a Vcoins dealer anymore.

I don't have a good feeling about this.

Am I missing something? Does anyone know anything about the disappearance of Opisthodomos? Is someone on a beach somewhere drinking ouzo with my 95 quid?

I paid with PayPal. Does anyone know offhand if I have any recourse through PayPal or Vcoins?

I haven't completely given up yet. It's only been a little over a month for a package from the UK. I'm actually less troubled by the coins not showing yet than by the lack of communication.

Any information here would be helpful.





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I just replied to the "basililikons" thread below about Opisthodomos. I had a  problem about 2 months ago with them- heard nothing from them  but my coins eventually arrived after 3 weeks (I'm in the UK). Also noticed today that they've gone from vcoins though, and that doesn't look too hopeful. I was lucky I guess... 


I think you'll be financially OK with PayPal, from what I've heard. My fingers are crossed for you! 


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1 minute ago, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

I had a similar experience with a vanishing seller on another platform. I open a claim with PayPal and they gave me my money back. It took about 1 month, and you have until 180 days to ask them to intervene.

That’s helpful info. Thank you.

I’m still hoping for a positive resolution and hoping it’s just bad communication.

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FWIW, this was a response on another thread considering Opisthodomos. (not sure how to quote cross posts)

Opisthodomos is run by two persons. One of them disappeard completely a few months ago and the other one does either not care about handling invoices and shipping coins or is not capable to. Not sure if the guy who did the work is back as new items have been listed, but I wouldn't bet any money that you actually will see any of the coins you buy from them.

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Phew, I'm glad I got my misidentified AE from them at a good price.  Seems like I lucked out and hit the perfect window of opportunity.  Sorry you got scammed, @Gavin Richardson!  However I will pm you the name and address that I pulled from the package I received.  Perhaps if you write to them directly you'll get your coins?

Here's the Leo III follis (NOT Constantine V with Leo IV as listed) I got from them that I'm very happy with:


2 hours ago, LONGINUS said:

I’m sorry to hear of an issue like this — I feel your frustration.

Both VCoins and PayPal have excellent customer service response. 

I can't agree about PayPal, from the seller's end.  Their customer service when I was doing AMCC was appallingly bad and unresponsive.  They're still holding money of mine that I haven't been able to retrieve.

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I had a similar experience with them, got a really good deal on a RR denarius, I paid the invoice and heard nothing. Emailed a couple times and no response. 12 days later they shipped the coin, but the tracking number didn't work. More emails, still no responses. About 20 days later the package just showed up. 

May be similar for you but it doesn't bode well that they were removed from Vcoins so I'd just pursue a refund via Vcoins and/or Paypal. bummer. 

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I bought this bronze from Opisthodomos on September 9th and though the experience was less than ideal I still got the coin in the end. Good to see VCoins take action!


Provincial coins of the Republican era. Gaius Sosius or Augustus (?). Æ, struck at an uncertain mint either Asia Minor or Syria. Head of a man right / Prow. Q below. 17 mm, 5.4g. RPC 5411

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  • 3 weeks later...

Update: PayPal has refunded the purchase price for the coins from Opisthodomos, whose operators seem to have absconded with no little amount of cash.

I am out 10 pounds shipping. Not sure why; I asked to be compensated for it in my discursive notes. But the PayPal protocol simply asks you to list the purchase price of all items; they do not ask for shipping charges. So maybe they just process those inputted costs.

At any rate, I’m not happy about being out 10 pounds and going through the hassle. But it could be worse. I got almost all of my money back.

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