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Unique Merovingian AV Triens


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At this time the Merovingian Kings ruled over four separate states/ Neustria/ Austrasia/ Burgundy/ Provence

Only two gold coins are known from this ruler/ both unique.

Mine is....

Austrasia/ Auvergne

AV Triens ND Brioud Mint

Theudebertus II 595-612

Post your Merovingian coins😃

5e57f13e7bfa2bcb1973bc60c730d736 (2).jpg

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Coins in the names of Merovingian kings are all very rare.  The Banassac issues of Charibert II and Sigibert III are perhaps the most common, and maybe the issues of Chlothar II.  But even these are quite rare.

Here is my only regal issue, of Charibert II, king of Aquitaine 629-632.  The king's name is on the reverse.


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My gold coins from this period, but minted by the Frisian Neighboors:

Early Medieval, Frisia Magna. Dronrijp type Tremissis or triens. Obverse: bust to left, with NR before and small cross above. Dotted circles above. Reverse: anchored cross with U and mirrored L, dot below. Ineligible legend around, including runic letter A. Ref: Boelens type B, Pol series 2, class 2-3. Weight: 1.212g, XRF: 77% gold. Provenance: found in Nov. 2021 near Castricum (NL). Bought from Hollandia Numismatics.
(sellers picture).

 discussed here: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/early-frisian-gold-–-the-dronrijp-triens.396315/


EARLY MEDIEVAL, Anonymous. Denomination: AV Tremissis (Nietap type 1), minted: Frisia?; 620-630 AD
Obv: Die rust / worn die common for type, but remainder of bust to right with legend is visible
Rev: double cross in beaded circle, vestigial legends
Weight: 1.19g; Ø:11mm. Catalogue: SCBI 69, 1090 this coin; cf: T&S 73 = Sutherland 90 = Crondall 95; Metcalf [2016], 22. Provenance: Ex. Tony Abramson, bought from spink auction 21070 lot 998. ; acq.: 05-2022

 discussed here:


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