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Wildmen themed coins


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I have only a few German Wildman coins, but this type is also used for medals.


It is a tin  test (52 mm, 19.8 gr, 1828) of a medal made by De Hondt, an Belgian artist for the 'KONINKLIJKE SCHOOL VOOR NUTTIGE EN BEELDENDE KUNSTEN TE S'HERTOGENBOSCH' . The Royal School for useful and plastics arts in 's Hertogenbosch. This town is now in the Netherlands, from 1815 to 1830 Belgium and the Netherlands formed one country.


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This is the first wildman thaler, purchased in 1980 in the shop of Hal Balckburn, Carmel, California.  I remember that it was a wet cloudy day, and while I was waiting for a box of world coins from the back, I saw this coin in one of the display cabinets.  I had to buy that coin the minute I saw it. Forty plus years later it is still here - amazing how time flies!

Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Frederick Ulrich ‘Wildman’ thaler, 1617.

KM-52.1; Dav-6303

28.81 grams

The Obverse Latin legend reads “Frederick Ulrich, Deī Grātiā, Dux Brūnsvīcēnsis et Lūnebērgēnsis”, with an English translation of “Frederick Ulrich, by the Grace of God, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg”. The Reverse Latin legend reads “deō et patriae, anno mīlle sescentī septendecim”, with an English translation of “God and Country, year one thousand six hundred and seventeen”.


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