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Late Roman Antoninianii, Guess I'm Liking Them


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I primarily collect large bronzes (mostly Roman of course as there are precious few Greek issues).  With the crazy market the way it has been I have not found much I want to buy.  I can afford them, but choose not to any longer.  I just cant bring myself to pay the prices.  So, a little while back I picked up a neat Carinus with sacrificial implements reverse.  I liked it enough I decided to keep looking for them. I've only got four so far as I am very picky.  A coin can be worn but I like patina, surfaces and centering.  For these so far I paid between $100 and $175 each.  Still high for what they are, but I am happy and looking forward to collecting some more.

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1 hour ago, KenDorney said:

Eh? It came through as a downloadable attachment.  Guess you will all have to do that to view it until I post a YouTube link.

Both of those worked as inline videos for me (using Firefox browser).

Nice coins, and nice videos (SO much better than photos).


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I was surprised when you stated the price as my purchases of Late Antoniniani are much cheaper. However, when I saw the condition I was astonished and realised you got great prices. I think you might be ahead of the curve here and these pristine coins from less popular eras are perhaps undervalued.


For comparison, here's my 14$ eBay Numerian, in much worse condition whose authenticity I only briefly researched. 








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23 hours ago, KenDorney said:

A coin can be worn but I like patina, surfaces and centering. 

I did not notice wear on yours but I strongly prefer coins with good strike and surfaces to those with nothing going for them but being mint state.  Your examples strike me as excellent in every regard save a couple filled letters on some.  My Carus has silver free surfaces that made it welcome here. I know coins with retained silvering are 'better' but patchy silver can be uglier than none. 


This Numerian was struck on a flan so thin that there was not enough metal to fill the obverse high points.  This is a common fault from the period. Stamp collectors pay extra for 'boardwalk margins'.  


This Carinus appealed to me mostly for the LVG mintmark.  


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Nice coins Ken I particularly like the DIVO CARO issue.

Heck, pretty soon the Treasury will be minting our own variety of antoniniani coupled with runaway inflation. 

An Edict of maximum wages and prices by the Fed?

California sending each resident an inflation stimulus of $1050 seems like something that a third century emperor would do. Keep churning out the coins!




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