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“A highly attractive crab.”


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I find it interesting that ~2300 years ago a crab was crabbing around, when it was caught, and little did it know that it's portrait would be immortalized for millennia afterwards. My suspicion is the die engraver referenced an actual crab.

Here's my crab. Maybe he's not "highly attractive", but he's my crab and I like him.


Mysia, Priapos
11.52mm, 1.11g 300-200 BCE
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: A / ΠPI, crab, harpa below
SNG von Aulock 7526
Ex Marc Breitsprecher

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I have one tetradrachm of Akragas

Akragas Ar Tetradrachm 470-420 BC Obv  Eagle standing left. Rv Crab with human facial features on carapace within shallow incuse circle Westermark 349 O10/R 39 17.02 grms 26 mm Photo by W. Hansen


I believe my coin is a close match to that published by @Deinomenidhowever mine is not quite as pretty. My flan is not as nice

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20 hours ago, Deinomenid said:

I just saw this title while browsing sales pages. The worrying thing is my first thought was “Yes indeed!” rather than “What a strange thing to write.”

I need to get out more…




I guess you know you could have a date with that crab tomorrow and maybe have it in your bed in a few days.... 😉 



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A highly attractive crab headdress – wear this at any party and you will certainly be the center of attention:


Bruttium, The Brettii, AE ¼ unit, ca. 211–208 BC. Obv: head of Amphitrite l., wearing crab headdress. Rev: BRET-TIΩN; crab; racing torch above. 13mm, 1.73g. Ref: HN Italy 1990; SNG ANS 123–125; Scheu (1962), no. 51

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