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Ugly, but interesting...


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This coin fits well in the category "Ugly, but interesting..."

It shows Artemis expelling the nymph Callisto (Callisto: the most beautiful).

There are three coins with Callisto on acsearch, two of them showing only the head of Callisto and this one, the only one showing Callisto together with Artemis.




If you are interessted in the tragic Story of Callistio you can read it here:




Artemis seated, with Callisto on the left. (fresco from Pompeii) 


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Here is a fun Double- double strike, on both sides - so it makes it kind of ugly, even though I like the Janus style of the resulting portrait! The interesting part is the fact that the reverse, also with a double strike, is a lifetime reverse which should not pair with the posthumous DIVO CLAVDIO obverse... most likely fraudulent issue.

obverse #1


obverse #2, rotated by 180deg


reverse, probably VIRTVS AVG


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I have quite a lot of ugly-but-interesting...

Caligula As, 37-41image.png.c6c018a555a70676c4c57fbf83873523.pngRome. Bronze, 27mm, 10.26g. Agrippa (45-12BC) issued by Caligula (37-41) and countermarked by Claudius (41-54). Head of Agrippa, left wearing rostral crown; M AGRIPPA L F COS III. Neptune standing left holding dolphin and trident; S C; TIAV countermark (RIC I, 58). Ex James Pickering. The countermark was applied to barbarous imitations and worn coins to allow their use in provinces like Britain, where there was a coin shortage.

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Somehow, someone worked out this wild man was Constantius II.

Constantius II Barbarous Fallen Horseman, 350simage.png.8636c0a0cd0d8500d35e36030f083611.pngBronze, 15mm, 1.59g. Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right with coarse features, exaggerated hairlines and long diadem ties; garbled legend. Soldier spearing fallen horseman who is wearing broad-brimmed helmet, seated half upright and reaching backwards; garbled legend and mintmark.

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..kool coin G68!..ancient errors are quite collectable 🙂 .i have a overstrike that was done purposely at a later period of history..

al-Nasir Nasir al-Din Muhammad, 3rd reign, 1310-1341. AR Dirham. 

 Levon IV. 1320-1342. AR Takvorin. Sis mint.




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