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Any suggestions for this 12 mm. 0.34 gram silver coin, that came with a small Byzantine collection? The orientation may not be correct.

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Okay, I guess that if you recognize this, it means that you are spending too much time with medieval coins...

It is a heavily clipped Venetian grosso (or imitation of a Venetian grosso). On the picture of my example of the type below, I circled the parts of the design remaining on your coin in red.

EDIT: Since the remaining letters on the obverse of your coin read "EX" (last two letters of "rex") and not "VX" (last letters of "dux", the title always found on Venetian coins), I'm pretty sure that you have the remains of a Serbian imitation of a Venetian grosso. See, for example, this coin currently for sale.


Italy, Republic of Venice, under Lorenzo Tiepolo (46th Doge), AR grosso, 1268–1275 AD. Obv: .LA.TEVPL’. DVX .S.M.VENETI.; Mark the Evangelist, standing facing to r. with book, passing banner-staff to doge standing facing to l. Rev: IC-XC; Christ enthroned facing; wedge in lower l. field (next to leg). 21.5mm, 2.09g. Ref: MEC 12, 1041–2.


I don't know the weight of your coin, but I guess it might have been clipped down to the weight of an Ottoman akce. I've seen such "homemade akces" before. Here is an example of a 16th century akce:


Ottoman Empire, under Selim I, AR akce, 1512–1520 AD, Tire mint? Obv: inscription with knot. Rev: inscription. 10mm, 0.68g. Ref: Album 1315.

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