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It's arrived


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I posted on CT at the end of January that I'd won this coin.   For various reasons, it wandered around the US postal system until early June, was then sent to me here in Ireland, where it disappeared off tracking until last Friday.

Today... it arrived!


I'll take proper photos tonight, but fairly excited that she's arrived after such a long saga.



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Congrats! I had some that took ~6 months when pandemic shipping delays were bad but I knew where they were and why and that they'd arrive eventually. This sounds terrifying. If a coin like that were lost to human history it would be a tragedy (if "only" stolen you'd have a good chance of tracking it down eventually when someone tries to sell & you recognize photos). Glad it's home now! 

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The whole boring, though at times stressful to me, with twists at every stage story is...

  • The auction was on 25th January - Triton "eAuction session"
  • An invoice arrived a few days later and I paid on 1st February by Revolut transfer
    • I sent an email at the time saying I'd paid and with a shipping address update (I'd been using my office address, but rarely go in these days, so switched my shipping address to home address)
  • In March, I got another invoice...
    • Replied to say "Hang on, I paid 5-6 weeks ago!"
    • Got a reply that the sender information from the transfer had been lost - the information was in what I'd sent but, while I use Revolut quite a lot, I hadn't sent anything to a US bank before, so who knows, maybe their bank somehow cut it off.   That's part of the reason I always email when I send a transfer, to help identify any unnamed money
  • Anyway, I was due to be in the US for a few weeks from mid-March, so asked it be sent to my address there
  • This was sent
    • And never made it to the San Diego office
      • As it happened, my trip was delayed 'til May, but I asked colleagues to expect something for me
    • It was out for delivery and "forwarded" three times in the correct San Diego postcode
    • A couple of times, the record said something like "No access to address"
    • From mid-April, there was no tracking until 31st May, when it appeared back on U.S. East Coast
    • And got back to CNG in early June
    • Yayyy
  • As I was back in Dublin then, I asked for it to be sent to my home address
  • It made it to the Irish An Post website on 16th June and I received a bill for VAT
  • A further entry on 20th June acknowledged my payment of usual exorbitant 23% VAT
    • Then, nothing...
  • A couple of weeks ago, I enquired as to where it was, as it had been a month by that stage with no updates
    • Response from An Post was that the package had never been scanned in Ireland, that the request for VAT had been generated before they even had the package and that it appeared not to have been in the container received on 16th June...
    • Last week, they repaid the VAT
  • I assumed it was lost (again!)
  • Last Friday, an update appeared saying it had been sent to a sorting office in Ireland
  • Today, it was delivered!

Sorry for the long list... I probably cursed the delivery by posting a pic of the coin on CT when I won it.   Twice it fell off the radar - I've no idea where it was forwarded to in San Diego - a colleague had an idea it was sent to Florida as our parent company moved from the building we're in to Florida, but the post office wouldn't tell him where it had been forwarded to and wouldn't allow him to just go to the office and collect it.   I spoke to the USPS myself and they had no real idea - they could only ask me if I knew who could have forwarded it and all I could do was suggest a few people who might have forwarded the mail, but it was a futile effort.   When it got back to CNG, I thought I'd surely have it in a week, but there was a last little twist to stress me 😄

Anyway, all's well that ends well and I still haven't lost a coin in the post.

I'll take proper photos tonight - as you might have guessed, I'm relieved and the coin looks great in hand.



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Congratulations. I am seriously glad such a beautiful coin reached its owner.

I had my share of quarrels with FedEx, who are doing a horrible job in the last months. Their last adventure is no match to yours. I had a package scheduled by them on Wednesday (send on Monday) so I was quite glad that they managed to improve their shipping.

... but apparently it's easy to put a "scheduled" date and keep on with the habit of caca deliveries. They sent my package from Germany to France and then to Barcelona. I live in the exact opposite corner of Europe.

For the American members to understand, it's like you live in Los Angeles and you want to send a package to Brazil, so the shipping company decides it's a very good idea to send it to Alaska as first step.

Obviously, I was glad my coins arrived (and of course you were glad too and forgot about the adventure). But honestly, I think in these situation the couriers should pay for a refund for the transport fees.

I am waiting for a package sent now using Dutch Post. Never worked with them before. The package should arrive at the end of the week or next week, but I am still cautious after the last FedEx adventures.

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Here are better photos.

SICILY, Entella. Punic issues. Circa 320/15-300 BC. AR Tetradrachm (25.5mm, 16.78 g, 11h). Wreathed head of Arethousa left; four dolphins around / Head of horse left; palm tree to right, [‘]MMḤNT (in Punic) below. Jenkins, Punic, Series 3a, – (unlisted dies); CNP 267; HGC 2, 284. Toned, much find patina remaining, numerous cleaning scratches, flan flaw on reverse. Good VF.

Ex CGB Live Auction June 2021 (15 June 2021), lot 19 (hammer €2600).

I'll probably try to take better photos, but this is a first effort!





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  • Benefactor

Very cool coin, akeady ... congrats on snagging one of those amazing coins! (winna-winnas!)


Ummm, I had a pretty sweet example of a fairly similar type as well ... man, ya gotta love those big Sicilian Tets, eh?


AR-Tet ... Heiron-I


Syracuse Hieron I.jpg

Edited by Steve
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