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Opinions on a Justinian Follis...


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I do not own this coin, but I've been looking for a decent Justinian and I like the portrait on this one. Any warning signs on this one? The green looks solid, but it's hard to tell virtually. Is the portrait too good? Any thoughts?


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I don't think it looks too good, there are lots of crisp Justinian portraits. My concern is tooling and excessive smoothing (either because it was worn or too encrusted and someone just started shaving metal). I didn't try to find an exact die match, but you should compare to other Year 21 follises of Justinian from Nicomedia. Here are maybe 6 or 7 (at least one is duplicate sold a second time): https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?term=NIco++21+201+follis+justinian+547&category=1

Portrait styles could vary a bit, but I don't know if your example above is original (possibly "helped" but not that skillfully...almost seems like I can see the size of the metal tool that was used from the lines, e.g., under the neck). These are my Niko examples, but from different years:

Year 15: a "Justinian Plague Follis" c. 541/2, already the giant Follis of Years 12-13 have shrunk from up to 43-45mm to well under 40mm (this one 38mm, 24.00g, 6h):



Year 17, c. 543/4, probably the empire is starting to recover from plague, but the big folles have shrunk another few mm (this one 36mm, 18.98g):


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Thank you, everyone. I am not going to pursue the one I posted, because something didn't look quite right to me, either. I also couldn't find a decent match as suggested, also. So, the search for a Justinian Follis continues. I appreciate the input!

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