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Unknown worn coin help

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I have these coins and have 0 clue on what they are. They may be too worn to even identify. 

The first one is very thin and appears to have a lion on one side and maybe a building or crest on the other? 

The second coin I have even less of a clue. Not sure even which way is right side up. Maybe VIII on it? Other than that I don't think it can be identified. 


Are these able to be identified at all or are they too far gone? Thanks! 







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Hello @VanillaBean. Welcome to Nvmis Forvms.

The thin coin, looks like a Spanish coin, perhaps as early as the late middle ages (1300 AD to 1499 AD), or maybe later. Perhaps the Spanish kingdom of Castile & Leon (castle and lion).

As @theotokevoithi said, the thick coin, could be a bronze Spanish coin minted after 1500 AD. Perhaps a 3 maravedis coin (III) coin, or an 8 maravedis coin (VIII). That may be the date on 1 side, perhaps "70" or "76" for 170X or 176X, therefore perhaps sometime in the 1700s. That may be a "III" on the other side, for either 3 maravedis (III) or part of 8 maravedis (VIII).

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