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The Obligatory Eidibus Martiis Thread

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Whoever placed the countermark on JC's neck had a sense of humor:


Augustus with Divus Julius Caesar

(27 BC-14 AD) MACEDON. Thessalonica. Obv: ΘEOΣ.

Wreathed head of Julius Caesar right; uncertain c/m on neck.


Bare head of Augustus right; Δ below. RPC I 1554.

Fine. 12.3 g.21 mm.

Former: Numismatik Naumann

The D has been interpreted as either a denomination mark (four assaria) or, more likely, a date - year four of the Actian era (28/7 BC). The ligate NK monogram has been generally accepted as a reference to Nero (Nerwn Kaisar). This is problematic considering that Thessalonica had abundant coinages issued under Claudius and Nero, such that countermarking these quite older coins would be unlikely. Touratsoglou (p. 105) follows Kraay's suggestion that the NK is an abbreviation for Nike (NiKh), and was applied to the coins during celebrations of the city's 50th anniversary of its grant of liberty by the Romans. All but two of the known specimens of this countermark occur on the coins of this first issue of Thessalonica, and the wear on the countermarks is nearly identical to that of the coins, suggesting that the countermarks could not have been applied very long after the coins entered circulation



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Happy Ides!


And here’s my recently discovered hoard (any offers over $400K per coin accepted).


Interesting fact - at this year’s ANS Gala there was an “EID MAR reunion” of 5 collectors who have 6 EID MARs between them. (For some reason they wouldn’t let me count my hoard above in the total!)

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Happy Eid Mar Day! I store this pair of coins next to each other just to create some historical contention in my trays:


Ex CNG 45, 1998, lot 1813; Ex Jean Vinchon November 20, 1992 lot 92; Ex Munzen & Medaillen Auction 52, June 19, 1975 lot 522;  Munzen und Medaillen Auktion XXVIII (19-20 June 1964), lot 251; Otto Helbing 63, 1931 (Professor Prix), lot 290; Helbing Auktion (March 1928), lot 460


Ex NAC 120, lot 646; NAC 62, 2011, Markoff lot 2005; Triton IX, 2006, 1356

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  Here's a coin that celebrates his nephew's recovery from Parthia of the standards that had been lost ~30 years earlier by Crassus after a devastating lost against the Parthians in 53 BC.


Octavian a few years before becoming emperor.
Octavian Augustus (27 BC-AD 14), Denarius 19-18 BC, Rome mint, moneyer P. Petronius Turpilianus
Obv: draped bust of Feronia rightTVRPILIANVS III VIR
Rev: CAESAR AVGVSTVS SIGN RECE Bareheaded Parthian warrior kneeling r., holding in outstretched r. hand standard marked X and adorned with vexillum.

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