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WISE: Attention, be careful of very well-crafted phishing emails in circulation!

Prieure de Sion

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There is currently a large wave of international outgoing “WISE Pishing Emails” in all possible countries and languages. As usual, you are asked to click on the link and verify yourself. Of course, your data will be stolen.

Since there is currently a big wave of pishing emails and these emails look very real, as if they were really from WISE at first glance - I wanted to draw attention to it. WISE has also confirmed that a large number of these pishing emails have reached potential customers internationally, especially in the last few days.

As always, take care of your data.


For me it was this sender:



The email text:



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A friend of mine shared this email earlier today. To use her words, "this seems completely reasonable and believable and I'm sure it's not some kind of phishing scam."


All you nationals of Northern America out there should be sure to write this man and put in your claim. 

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Ah, the modern variant of the old Spanish Prisoner scam.

My former old time radio buying group list must have attracted a spammer, as I've recently received spam the past few months, but it's the completely obvious variety.  I don't know why they bother.  Spectrum must also have a lousy spam filter.  However, if I'm dumb enough to send a confirmation email to my home email, it will rarely go through.  The super-obvious spammer comes through just fine!

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9 hours ago, AETHER said:

Did wise have a data breach? How are they targeting emails?

That's a good question! In our group we found that we met the recipients who actually have a WISE account! That could suggest that - maybe. Maybe it's just a coincidence, as almost all traders also have a WISE account.

Of those - including me - who received such an email, all of them also have a WISE account.

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