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Congrats, @lordmarcovan, a nice looking & impressive aureus. Here's another Nero:

Nero entered himself as competitor in many athletic events and won the title "Periodonikes" circuit-victor or victor  in all four major Games [Olympia, Delphi, Nemea and the Isthmus].  The coin with Zeus crowned in celery leaves celebrates the Nemean games.


Egypt, Alexandria, Nero, AD 54-68, BI tetradrachm, dated year 14=A.D. 67/8, scarce type

Obv: NEPΩ KΛAV KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEP AV, L IΔ (date), radiate head left, wearing aegis

Rev: NEMEIOΣ ZEVΣ, head of Zeus Nemeios right, crowned with celery leaves

Ref: Milne 279; Emmett 136; RPC 5308



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Awesome! Something magical about holding an aureus in hand! I bet few Romans actually handled one in their lifetime since it signified such a substantial amount of pay. The cool thing about a circulated one like that is that is was used to transact lots of business over its contemporary life- if only it could talk! 

Awesome addition Rob!

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Really great coin. It's nice to get circulated coins when the portrait holds up. They're better than uncirculated in many ways, particularly for something like an aureus, which I imagine usually went almost directly from the mint into the ground.

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Wow!  Super looking coin!.....

Lovely chubby portrait and the thunderbolt clearly visible!

Sweet coin!

Will you break it out of the plastic?

1 hour ago, seth77 said:

If I had smth like this I would play with it for a few days, never let it leave my sight, sleep with it under the pillow and then straight to the bank to put it in a safe deposit box.

The bank!!!....So the dark Bank has it and not you!?.....We obviously have different ideas.....I'd rather pay more on my specified house content insurance which at 5000€ works out at 2.50 € per month and you get to look at it!.....Just a thought?

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16 hours ago, lordmarcovan said:

The most expensive coin I have owned in 46 years of collecting.  So it was exciting to unbox.







L.M., Nice score 😊! I've owned a number of coins depicting Nero, but never an aureus ☹️. Ancient gold coins are special & impart a feeling of power when holding them 😃.

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