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Valerian II, Son of Gallienus, Grandson of Valerian I.


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From Wikipedia,
Shortly after his acclamation as Emperor (Augustus) Valerian made Gallienus his co-Emperor and his grandson, Valerian, Caesar, in 256. (For a discussion of the dynastic politics that motivated this process, see the related article on Saloninus).
The young Caesar was then established in Sirmium to represent the Licinius family in attentions to Germany to deal with barbarian incursions into Gaul. Because of his youth (he was probably no more than fifteen at the time), Valerian was put under the guardianship of Ingenuus, who seems to have held an extraordinary command as governor of the Illyrian provinces, i.e. Upper and Lower Pannonia and Upper and Lower Moesia.
It is reported that Salonina was not happy with this arrangement. Although she could not publicly dispute the decisions of Valerian, the pater patriae which had been formally agreed by her husband, Gallienus, she suspected Ingenuus's motives and asked an officer called Valentinus, otherwise unknown, to keep an eye on him. Despite this precaution, Valerian died in early 258 in circumstances sufficiently suspicious for Gallienus to attempt to demote Ingenuus. It was this action that sparked the attempted usurpation of the Empire by Ingenuus, who had widespread support among the Illyrian garrisons and the provincial establishment.

Valerian II Billon Antoninianus. P LIC COR VALERIANVS CAES, radiate, draped bust right / VICTORIA PART, Victory standing right, presenting wreath to Valerian II, holding globe and spear. RSC 97; RIC 54 Antioch; Goebl 1604d; Sear 10742.
Weight: 3,3gr


As usual, please post your examples and any comments

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Interesting write-up and coin @expat - those were troubled times indeed.  A Valerian II came my way in an undescribed eBay lot recently, in a flip that said "Valerian" only   Faithfulness of the army - ha!  I had the usual difficult time with Valerian-Gallienus era attributions - the mint locations wobble all over Europe and Asia Minor:


Valerian II Antoninianus (c. 254-258 A.D.) Samosata (Antioch RIC) Mint VALERIANVS NOBIL CAES, radiate, draped bust right / FIDES MILITVM, Aquila  between two signa; at base, crossed shields. RIC V Valerian II 46; Göbl MIR 1692b; Cohen 24. (3.64 grams / 22 x 20 mm) eBay Nov. 2023      Lot @ $3.89

Mint and Dates:

OCRE:  Antioch, 254-255 A.D.

CNG:  Samosata, 1st emission 255-256 A.D. (MIR 1692; all others 1692b)

Leu, Heritage, etc.:  Samosata; 256-258 A.D.



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Valerian II, (256 - 258 A.D.)

Egypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: P LIK KOR OVALERIANOC KAIC CEB, Draped and cuirassed bust of Valerian right.
R: Alexandria wearing mural crown standing left holding bust of Serapis and scepter, L E (Year 5) across fields.
Emmett 3763 // Milne 3981



Valerian II (256 - 258 A.D.)

AR Antoninianus
O: VALERIANVS CAES, Radiate and draped bust right.
R: IOVI CRESCENNI, Infant Jupiter seated facing on goat (Amalthea) standing right,his right hand raised.
Colonia Agrippinensis (Cologne) mint
RIC 3 RSC 26

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I want a Valerian II with the goat reverse but as of yet have not managed to win one. 
The only Valerian II I have is this odd looking provincial:

Valerian II
~256 AD
Sagalassus, Psidia
Obverse: Π ΛΙ ΟΥΑΛЄΡΙΑΝΟC, diademed bust right
Reverse: ϹΑΓΑΛΑϹϹƐΩΝ, Lakedaimon standing l., wearing short chiton, holding patera in r. hand and sword in l. hand; at his feet r., shield


Obverse reads as Valerian II but cannot find a reverse match.

Possibly reverse match of Trebonianus Gallus RPC IX, 959, https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coins/9/959

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