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New Leu Win Arrives Time of Romanus IV

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I received a Leu Win Saturday via a signature required tag left in the mailbox. Since we have been more or less snowed in in the last 5 days I admire the fortitude of the mail carrier.

I picked it up at the post office this morning and here it is:

Anonymous Follis, time of Romanus IV 1068-1071. He was known as a skilled general but suffered perhaps the worst defeat (Manzikert) since Adrianople or maybe the Yarmuk River where Heraclius' army lost the Near Eastern provinces to the Arabs. The foe this time was the Seljuk Turks leading to the loss of most of Anatolia...there is a bit of a funny story here. My Byzantine History prof at Berkeley (Warren Treadgold) rued the loss at Manzikert as an inflection point for Byzantium; whereas my Central Asian History prof (John Masson Smith) celebrated it as a great win for the nomadic tribes...

AE 9.69 grams, 24 mm

Obverse: Christ Pantocrator Nimbate

Reverse:  Virgin Mary (Orans with arms extended)




Please share any Leu Byzantines...

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What a great piece! Nice portraits and contrast on both sides. Congrats on the pickup.

ive bought from Leu 3 times. Very happy with the bronze pieces, the one time i got gold i probably could have done as well anywhere.

Apologize for just chucking these out here. Not rare pieces but all in quite good condition.

these first 2 are from the Max Blaschegg (sp) collection sold by Leu in 2022zHe had wonderful taste.



These 4 were from the same auction, also in 2022.



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