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This trajan one looks suspicius


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Kinda got interested in this one, for being the column Denarius of Trajan, but what worries me are these spots of orange-yellow-green around the Surface that makes me Wonder If its a trully silver Denarius. The design also is a bit strange dont you think? The description of the coins says that It weights 3.36 grams



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It don't see anything that screams "fake," and the reverse looks fine to me. The profile on the obverse does appear to be engraved a bit crudely. But a lot of Trajan portraits are rather strange-looking; they're not nearly as uniform as those of some other emperors.

For comparison purposes, here's my specimen:

Trajan AR Denarius, AD 113-114, Rome Mint. Obv. Laureate & draped bust right, seen from three-quarters behind; IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS VI PP / Rev. Trajan’s column, with spiral bands enclosing large dots on face, placed on decorated base with door in center, flanked by two eagles with beaks facing inwards, and surmounted by statue of Trajan standing facing, holding long scepter in left hand [right arm not visible]; SPQR OPTI-MO PRINCIPI. 17.5 mm., 3.06 g., 6 h. RIC II Trajan 293, RSC II Trajan 558 (laureate bust draped but rev. var.: OPTIMO rather than OPTI-MO), BMCRE III Trajan 455 & Pl. 17 No. 2 (laureate bust draped, OPTI-MO); Sear RCV 891 (3rd ed. 1981) [not in Millennium Edition]. Purchased from cgb.fr Internet Auction, 26 April 2022, Lot 95.


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