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Provincial mint fouree vs Modern dies


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I have been having a discussion with  dealer about a coin that they have listed.

They have described it as "uncertain provincial mint" and "subaeratus denarius" of Pertinax.


I have pointed out to them that it is in my opinion made from modern dies as are the following examples....




The dealer has been very polite but disagrees with my point of view. I have escalated to the "venue" to see if they can arbitrate between out differening viewpoints.

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9 hours ago, maridvnvm said:

I asked the site owners to intervene. He has now removed the item from sale.

I have no idea who this dealer is or what kind of general reputation he has, but the fact that he was so reluctant to remove a questionable (at best) coin from sale, and didn't do so until the site owners intervened, does not speak well for him. Nor does his obstinate denial of what seems like an obvious fact, namely that his coin is a double die match to some or all of the others you've posted. (Admittedly, some of the obverse letters seem to be in a slightly different position vis a vis the bust than they are in others, and there appear to be two slightly different versions of Pertinax's nose among the group -- one more straight, and the other more like a ski slope. But that doesn't change the fact that they seem to be otherwise the same.)

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20 hours ago, Ryro said:

Dang it! They are faking fourées now!?

I'd heard of this, but this is the first point blank clear cut modern fourée forgery that I recall. 

Save on silver! More bang for the fake!

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