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My "Secret Saturnalia" and the last coin of 2023


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I did not participate in Secret Saturnalia and most likely will not in the future, for various reason (not just because I am cheap) but in the end I received what can be considered a Saturnalia gift. From an old friend (not present on ancient coins forums) who wanted to send me something nice for Christmas. 

He did not mention anything (except some subtle hints but I only realized when I had the coin in hand) and for the last weeks I was very curious. I knew one fact - he is extremely exigent with the condition of the coins, so my present had to be in great state. 

Here it is:


and my attribution.

17,4 mm, 2,95 g.

Constantine I 306-337 AD. Ӕ follis. Treveri. 319 AD.

IMP CONSTAN-TINVS MAX AVG, helmeted, laureate and cuirassed bust right / VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP, two Victories holding shield inscribed VOT PR in two lines on altar inscribed with star; •STR in exergue.

RIC VII 221.

I am not an active LRB collector but there is a possibility I will branch out more seriously in this area. 
This is clearly the best Constantine portrait in my collection and the coin is more appealing in hand (traces of silvering are very visible). 

It makes a nice pair with my pseudo argenteus from Treveri 


19 mm, 2,12 g.
Constantine I the Great 306-337. Billon argenteus. Treveri. 310-313.
IMP CONSTANTI-NVS AVG, cuirassed bust of Constantine left, wearing helmet with high crest, spear in right hand over shoulder, mappa in left / VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP, two Victories standing facing each other, holding shield inscribed VOT PR on altar; PTR in exergue.
RIC VI -- (cf. RIC VII 208a); RSC 643.

Let's see Constantine I coins or coins you were gifted!

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Very nice detail and cool helmet!

My best Constantine is a commemorative of him moving the capitol:


Commemorative Series, (330-354). AE folles (16mm), (1.40 g), Constantinopolis type, struck under Constantine I, 330-337, obv. bust of Constantinoplis to left wearing laureate helmet and imperial robes, holding sceptre over shoulder, CONSTANTINOPOLIS around, rev.Victory standing left on ship's prow, holding transverse sceptre and resting on a shield each; in order of weights above, Antioch
With the dedication of the city of Constantinople in the spring of AD 330, Constantine I utilized a numismatic approach to place his newly-founded city on the same level of importance as Rome. These city commemoratives were struck to honor both Rome and Constantinople the later alluding to the recent naval battle over the Licinii with Victory advancing from a conquest. Though meant to honor just these two cities, this series was struck throughout the empire at various mints.

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Beautiful Constantine @ambr0zie

Here's one of mine, similar to yours, but from Ticinium


Constantine The Great, AE3 - Ticinium, 3rd officina
IMP CONSTAN - TINVS MAX AVG, Draped, cuirassed bust of Constantinus right, wearing laureate helmet
VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP, Two victories, holding shield on wich is written VOT/PR, resting on cippus. TT at exergue
3.2 gr
Ref : RC #3883 var


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