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A few less-commonly seen Romans


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I put some bids on some coins that I didn't think I wouldn't win but ended up winning instead. Whoops. Oh well. They filled a few holes in my collection, and in one case - filled it twice (double oops).
They are interesting to me for the fact that they are lesser known to history, only a couple paragraphs each on Wikipedia and I doubt too much more anywhere else. 

Here are they are without further ado. Feel free to add your own examples which will no doubtedly be nicer than mine 😛 Or add some other less-commonly seen Romans!

Mariniana - Probable Wife of Valerian I and mother (?) of Gallienus

AR Antoninianus
254-258 AD
Obverse: DIVAE MARINIANAE, veiled and draped bust right on crescent
Reverse: CONSECRATIO, peacock standing, head right, tail in splendour


Macrianus (Minor) - Brother of Quietus and usurper against Gallienus. I made 2 bids on 2 coins in order to hopefully win one...Now I am the owner of 2 coins of Macrianus...

260-261 AD
Billon Antoninianus
Obverse: IMP C FVL MACRIANVS P F AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right
Reverse:  ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma seated left on shield, holding Victory and spear


Lastly, Hannibalianus, nephew of Constantine I, The Great, and victim of the purge of Constantine's family after his death.

Hannibalianus, as Rex Regum under Constantine I
336-337 AD
Obverse: FL HANNIBALLIANO REGI, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right 
Reverse:  SE-CVRITAS PVBLICA, Euphrates seated right on ground, holding sceptre, overturned urn at his side, from which waters flow, reed in background
Mintmark CONSS


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1 hour ago, panzerman said:

After your post/ you sparked up my interest in your coins. Thanks to you/ I noted an AR antinonianus from Macrinus (Antioch Mint) Lucernae Auction. Now I also have one😇

You were a great inspiration😉


You need to share it with us when it arrives!

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Congratulations! I'm afraid I gave up on my original "at least one coin per obtainable emperor" goal early on, well before I got around to looking for a Macrianus (whom I always think is Macrinus when I see the name) or Hannibalianus. I don't have Quietus either. I do have a Diva Mariniana, perhaps the same type as yours:


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Owning coins from rare rulers is a very interesting numismatic goal. 

From the ones that are more of less obscure, I was happy to add a Procopius. The quality is not something to write stories about, but it's another name checked. 


20 mm, 2,38 g.
Procopius 365-366. Æ follis. Constantinople.
D N PROCO-PIVS P F AVG, bust of Procopius, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed, left / REPARATI-O FEL TEMP, emperor, head right, standing facing, holding labarum in right hand and resting left on shield. At foot, left, a small indeterminate object; above, in field right, ☧ Exergue – CON […].
RIC IX Constantinople 17a.

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