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Is this MICHAEL VIII PALAEOLOGUS (1261-1282). (Help needed please?)


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I have tried to attribute this coin and the closest I can get is Michael VIII , but I cannot get one of his with 'I B I' on it and 'Theta in top right.

Nor can I get one with 'N- (star)' across the 'fields'.

The coin is bronze AE22mm., and weighs 2.72gm., and is (almost) flat.

Yes, I have used all of my 'Byzantine' reference material including "August Coins" as referred to me by @catadc

Can anyone help me, please? TIA

Magical Snap - 2023.12.22 16.05 - 023.jpg

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31 minutes ago, TheTrachyEnjoyer said:

I am sorry to say but that is a poor fake 

@TheTrachyEnjoyer Thank you. Your help is appreciated. I suspected as much but I didn't want to point anyone in that direction, who might not have gone there, by voicing my suspicions.

I obtained 5 coins from an eBay seller in Britain. Three of which have been confirmed as 'fakes', one appears to be OK, and one I am still researching.

In my coin collecting, I can attribute the 'easy' ones, but some of the 'difficult' ones I do need help with, but, (apparently), I am incapable of spotting the 'fakes'.

Thank you, again.

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1 hour ago, JeandAcre said:


...I can get downright nostalgic for old days, when all the ubiquitously laughable medieval fake Anythings were reliably from a small handful of eastern European countries

@JeandAcre  I remember when the most important thing to 'own' was 'Your good name'. (Gone, with my youth.)

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