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  1. Désolé. Hope you'll find an authentic one soon. That's an impressive collection and deserves to be complete.
  2. Congrats, FF! Wish you inspiration for the name.
  3. @Simon @quant.geek We can discuss the B types, but not in this context. As long as the A2s are not named "type Metcalf / Bellinger / Grierson / Cilic A2-x", I do not see the reason to link this guy's name to the B2 types, nor agree with his exclusions, or with the categories he created.
  4. I have a Julia Domna drachm, 17 mm, 2.6 gr. A rare version, not on Wildwinds with the shorter obverse legend, and I found it referenced only in Mionnet. Soon after I got mine, a nicer example was sold by Munzzentrum Rheinland, auction 192, lot 309. And a Julia Maesa AE28, 10 gr, which I got to clean. After cleaning the reverse - it's surprising there's nothing after "T". Obverse is still waiting it's turn.
  5. Got this coin last week-end and is currently on the way. Can't wait to see it in hand. It was the main target and I "snacked" on two other coins on my main collecting areas, including a 30 nummi. Here's the coin, described as "Michael IV. the Paphlagonian. (around 1040 AD). Æ Follis. Constantinople. repatinated. 25mm, 4,65g" Nothing special. I do not even collect overstrikes. This is what got my interest: forget rider on dolphin, elephant or on the banal horse - how about a rider on a fantastic creature, and this on a byzantine? Now, try to unsee this: I realize it is childish to get excited by such a coin and by such a reason. On the other hand, I find it satisfying to buy a coin just because you find it interesting, and because why not? The correct attribution - SB 1888, quite clear from the first pic, with the reverse being upside-down. Overstruck on SB 1880 (pic below), which was also overstruck or double-struck (upper torso of Jesus of is visible at the bottom of reverse on first pic). Feel free to post any interesting overstrike or any coin you got because you found interesting.
  6. You should scan ebay from time to time. I bet you don't have such a cute face in your collection: This is for sale as of now:
  7. @Topcat7 It is exactly the same type of fake like the one you posted in this topic. Still do not understand why @Simon gives the benefit of the doubt to the "UK based" ebay sellers who throw these on the market.
  8. What I do not understand - why are some tetartera so rare? If it was the lowest denomination, it would imply it was minted in large numbers. Simon mentioned that it was never recalled. Therefore, large numbers + long period of circulation + small size = high chance to get lost. We can understand that few will hoard tetartera rather than any higher denomination, thus low to no presence in hoards makes sense. Still, some are very, very rare. Would this support the idea mentioned above that some were minted by local authorities (sort of Roman provincial or medieval regional)? Or simply that were minted in low numbers to begin with?
  9. The 30 nummi of Phocas are known with years 4 (II II), 6 (G) and 7 (GI) from Constantinople, 5 (V) and 6 (VI) from Nicomedia, and 6 (G) and 8 (GII) from Cyzicus. As you can see, there are some gaps, so theoretically can be something else than year 6. For CONB I've seen only year 6 (G).
  10. @ela126 When I decided not to bid on that coin, it was because the year was not visible. Here's mine and more info:
  11. Just to leave here my SB2059 - 17 mm, 1.55gr. Did not study this period or these issues.
  12. @kirispupissmall world. Robinjojo's link is nice and you'll probably get an answer easily by mail or phone, especially if you ask them in Luxembourgish. I cannot help with other info; I moved here from the EU. Otherwise, the real estate market is finally decreasing slowly on minimal volumes, there were 37 Celsius at one point last summer and you're optimistic with "a few months to learn the language", unless she's German or a natural talent in foreign languages. More than 5 years here and I know still the two words that everyone is learning on their first day.
  13. Legally, the nature of the services making the object of the premium are not disclosed in the terms and conditions of the auction. One can assume that a correct attribution is part of these services, but there are no contractual grounds for this assumption. Is there any auction house saying "you pay x% because we do x, y and z for you as buyer"? Moreover, there are a few auction houses offering minimal information on the coins they sell, leave alone attribution.
  14. If it's solely to protect potential buyers - no. Education comes at a cost and everyone should do their research before bidding, or bear the cost of ignorance. If it's a technical / constructive discussion on coin's attribution, then yes, why not.
  15. I also noticed that shipping fees increased during the last haft year. Probably we notice this because we bid on low value coins (nothing wrong with this). Or, if we miss a sole main target, the shipping of any prior "snack" can hurt. Luckily, I live close to a multiple border. Last but least purchase was shipped to a friend's address across the border for 3 EUR regular post. Not once I chose regular post, as the post is reliable in the Western Europe, and chose the more expensive transport for rare and hard to replace coins.
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