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From Leu this morning/ Io Hekte


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That's a near-perfect Hekte.

I was pretty happy with my Leu results, though as usual I spent too much. I divided my targets into two categories: top targets (4) and nice for the right price (6). I bid on the "nice for the right price" coins the day before with relatively low offers and waited for the live part for my top targets, though even there I tapered my bids. I won all four top targets and two of the other six.

Some of my pickups:

One of my top targets. Although the condition isn't the best, Phytia is an extremely difficult mint in Akarnania.


Another top target: Jeroboam. The wear is typical of these coins and I really love that you can read the inscription. My other two top targets were also from Samaria.


One of my "nice to have" coins. While Phasis in Kolchis wasn't under Alexander's control, this coin fits in as I slowly branch out to other ancient cities of the 4th century BCE.


And my other "nice to have". This Saratokos coin is a nice pickup for my Odrysian collection.


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12 hours ago, Curtisimo said:

You’re on a roll Pman! Great score.

I came up empty handed at Leu.

Thanks Curtis!

I came up with that AV Dinara Huvishka (Rauch) and was going to stay away for Leu. But my "coin drive"  broke my will power and I ended up with two coins from Leu. Now wht will keep me from bidding....."NO funds"🤐


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