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My, uh, errm, upgrade/Busts on coins: share your bustiest busts


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Having such a diverse collection of ancient butts

Collage_2021-01-21_11_39_41_2-removebg-preview.png.87d7acdcfa296bb2b38e8eabc459a837.png.f21ea0cf74868037b7f88d6a25ff55d8.png to make emperors Tightass, Comadass, and queen Bootyseeya all envyass, I've been feeling the gentlemanly need to balance out my collection with some lovely "tops" to go with those bodacious "bottoms".


Butt wait Ryro, do you prefer tops or bottoms?? You all may ask. Let me answer with a resounding, YES!


I've been very happy to hold my athletic build B+cup Artemis for the last couple of years:


Butt knowing other diverse, more detailed, and larger busts were out there, *not mine:



I've been on the lookout for an image of a goddess who made her father, Zeus the king of the gods, promise that she would never have to be with a man. Despite her being as beautiful as any of the other goddesses. 


I am pleasantly surprised that I will put my overflowing hands around this coin in just a few short days/weeks:

4848676_1700064879.l.jpg.6f2ae99cd6e524afaacd61868c32c998.jpgCAPPADOCIA. Caesarea. Trajan (98-117). Drachm.


Laureate and draped bust right.


Bust of Artemis left, holding spear and patera.

RPC III 3026; Sydenham 198.

Condition : Nicely toned.Good very fine.

Weight : 3.33 gr

Diameter : 18 mm

Other boss busts:


CILICIA, Tarsos. Circa 370 BC. AR Obol. Female kneeling left, casting astragaloi / Youthful male head right.
Condition: Very Fine
Weight: 0,4 gr
Diameter: 10 mm
Purchased from NBS Aug 2021


Fausta. Augusta, AD 324-326. Æ Follis (17mm, 3.20 g, 6h). Treveri (Trier) mint, 2nd officina. Struck AD 326. Draped bust right / Empress or Salus standing facing, head left, cradling two infants in her arms; STR(pellet-in-crescent). RIC VII 483; LRBC 37. Purchased from Elkowicz May 2022




Honestly, I'm a little disappointed in my ancient forefathers for not providing me with a bustier celebration of mamories on metal. Hopefully you all can share some busts on coins to make us all proud!

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Then there's this antoninianus of Trebonianus Gallus on which Victoria experiences a "wardrobe malfunction."

Trebonianus Gallus, 251-253 CE.
Roman AR antoninianus, 3.49 g, 20.3 mm, 7 h.
Antioch, unmarked officina, 1st or 2nd issue, 251-252 CE.
Obv: IMP C C VIB TREB GALLVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust (viewed from back) of Trebonianus Gallus, right.
Rev: VICTORIA AVG, Victory standing right, on globe, holding a wreath and a palm.
Refs: RIC 94; Cohen --; RSC 127b; RCV 9654; Hunter p. cvi.
Notes: Scarce. Only six examples are to be found among the 949 coins representing 11 hoards summarized by Metcalf (p. 87).

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Miss Athena packs heat.


Thrace, Lysimachus (306-281 BC)
Denomination: Tetradrachm
Mint: Lampsacus
Time: 297-281 BC
Weight: 17.08 g
Diameter: circa 27.9 mm
Catalogue: Thompson 42

Obverse: Head of the deified Alexander right, diademed and adorned with bull horns (horns of Ammon).
Reverse: Seated Athena Nikephoros ("Athena Bringer of Victory") left, resting on shield and holding winged Nike, spear behind. Monogram ΠA left, torch right. Legend: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAXOY (of king Lysimachus).



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Struck circa 255/0-241 BCE
AR Tetradrachm 29mm, 16.89 g, 1h
In the name of Philetairos. Pergamon mint
Laureate head of Philetairos right
Athena enthroned left, elbow resting on shield to right, crowning dynastic name; transverse spear in background, grape bunch to outer left, A to inner left, bow to right.
Westermark Group V (unlisted dies); SNG BN 1618

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