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Just in....from Noble Auctions/ Australia


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The reverse is usually described as the nymph Kyrene.

It’s -I thought - strange you couldn’t find any examples as I think I have seen a few recently. Talking specifically the reverse type. It may be that they are from houses that don’t deal with coin archive etc- for example CNG have sold a couple this year.

Not as nice as your example though. Not sure if they are exactly the same, as yours has no date.


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Boston MFA example looks identical. Leu sold one/ but it had a mongram behind Artemis head. The Boston/ MFA coin was purchased in 1912 wait for it.....1.10 UK Pounds!!!!!!! The Leu specimen sold fot 2100 Swiss Francs. Coins have escalated in price way more then inflation. 1912 UK Pound = $5US    2100 Sfrancs= 2300US$/ almost 500X more in 2022 then in 1912.


SC252487 (1).jpg

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