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I am hoping that someone can assist me with identification of this coin, please?


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@Topcat7this is great.  I haven't even looked at Wildwinds, but --likely by way of wallowing in the obvious, as far as where you've already checked-- it's looking very late Macedonian or Komnenan, broadly contemporaneous to the anonymous folles.  (May we say, circa later 10th -later 11th centuries.)  Granted, the apparent module suggests a tetarteron (fractional follis), just as the facing emperor on the reverse summarily rules it out as being anywhere in the subseries of folles.  ...But that's the merest guess, especially in reference to later, underweight folles.

(It also looks as if the obverse has some overstriking in the left.  Especially for Byzantine AEs, some of us Love that sh-t!  It's also ubiquitous in the earliest Crusader AEs of Antioch and Edessa, which are heavily influenced by immediate Byzantine precedent.)

Beyond that, I have to need the border legend on the obverse, around the facing portrait of Christ.  One could only wish that was any more legible.

Shout-out to any of you (you know who you are) who are actually fluent in this stuff, at this level.


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14 hours ago, Topcat7 said:

@JeandAcre Your input is appreciated as well. How do you know this stuff? (I do not.)

I think I know what @JeandAcre will reply: there are 3 secrets. 1. Study  2. Practice.  3. Seeing lots and lots of coins

Personally, I am not (at all) an expert in Byzantine coins and I wouldn't be able to recognize the coin (and detect the overstrike). But I remember, when I was working for an auction house (for a short while unfortunately), the guy who attributed Byzantine coins knew the Sear references from the top of his head. For the common issues of course, but this was still a performance. 

I had the same question when I started collecting ancient coins, I had no idea how do some collectors acquired the skills they have. There is no "shortcut". 

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Thanks to you both, @Topcat7 and @ambr0zie.  A lot of it is reducible to having liked them since I was, what, 11 or something, and the local coin dealer started carrying a few lower-end ones.  After you factor in the sheer good fortune of early exposure, the equivalent of muscle memory takes over.  But I have always related to coins in terms of broad family resemblances, and narrowed it down from there (or didn't, as here).  You could call it 'collecting on the right side of the brain.'

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On 11/8/2023 at 6:40 AM, catadc said:

For byzantines, http://labarum.info/lbr/ is a great support to identify coins.

The OP coin is a follis. Go to link above, click advanced search, choose Denomination = follis and start looking from the bottom.

That to teach people how to fish...


@catadc    Thank you. Now I know how to 'fish' I have some others I'm working on. Thank-you, again.

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On 11/16/2023 at 4:16 PM, Valentinian said:

If you want to learn more about Byzantine coins, I have a web site with several pages about them:

"Introduction to Byzantine Coins"

It even has an example of the OP coin type on the page about reading Byzantine-coin legends:

@Valentinian FANTASTIC!  Thank you. Your efforts are appreciated. I have recorded your pages for future reference.

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