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Julia Domna Veneri Victr mint ID needed?


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This is what an Alexandria version looks like

Julia Domna denarius

Obv:– IVLA (sic) DOMNA AVG, Draped bust right, hair tied in bun behind
Rev:– VENERI VICTI (sic), Venus, nude with drapery falling below hips, standing with back turned, head right, resting left arm on low column, holding an apple in extended right hand and palm, sloping upward to left in left hand: coil of drapery falls over column
Minted in Alexandria, A.D. 194
RIC -, RSC -, BMCRE -.

2.25g. 17.65mm. 0o


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@JayAg47 - I am not skilled enough to answer about the mint so I go with the experts, but I want to give you an advice - forget about this type. It tends to become addictive. I already have 3 JD Rome denarii (last because of a very obvious double strike, shown this on the forum), a JD sestertius and a Titus denarius. 

And yes, I already know that I will not be able to refrain myself and I will buy other JD mints, a Julia Titi denarius and the rest of available emperors and empresses with this reverse 😞 

So beware. Better to stop this before it turns into an addiction.

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