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Archaic Latin found by accident in Greek Alphabet Game thread


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While we are  on  the N (Nu) section of the alphabet  game I posted a  Neapolitan coin, shown  below. A couple of (more observant than me!) people noted the TAR under the neck as possibly  signifying something more or different. I'd  hoped  it was some  link to an alliance with Taras. Anyway,  I asked the editor of the Tarentum coin book series who was  a little unsure and  he  in turn asked "a number of Capanian coin scholars" with the conclusion that while it likely does refer to a mint master with the name TAR (TAP) it was written, highly usually, in archaic Latin. Not Greek. And  not archaic Western Greek. A first  for me.  Apparently the  key is the  way the A is written with the extra leg to the  downstroke. Not  front page  news, but of some interest I hope.

Thank you @Prieure de Sion and @Phil Anthos for  the suggestions to  make me  pursue it.



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