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Who Is This Beautifully Bearded Fellow?


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I bought this coin over a year ago in a lot with a CONSTANTINIANA DAFNE which was the main focus of the purchase. I didn't think too much of it and never got around to properly identifying it. Now I'm working on it, and I can't for the life of me figure it out.

The tag it came with was wildly incorrect:
R: Asklepios stg facing hd and holding serpent staff
Mysia Adramyteum

I'm finding it impossible to read the legend on either side as well. Now, with a beard like our subject's, I can only really think of 3 people: Commodus, Marcus Aurelius, or Lucius Verus. I cannot find an AE17 with a Tyche reverse for any of them though.  I'm striking out on all fronts and so I turn to you, my Nvmis Forvms Masters. 

Help me Nvmis Forvms, you're my only hope!


And with some different lighting


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10 minutes ago, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

If there’s a rudder it may be Fortuna…

I agree that it's a rudder, which together with a cornucopia would signify Fortuna on an Imperial coin, but assuming it's a Provincial coin wouldn't it have to be Tyche instead?

If it's really a bearded Commodus, then the legend on the right side of the obverse would presumably be ΚΟΜΟΔΟϹ, but I'm not sure I see that.

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5 minutes ago, Furryfrog02 said:

I'm almost 100% certain that it is provincial. 
I've been surfing RPC and wildwinds and I haven't had any luck as of yet.

I just tried a search on RPC for reverse designs with Tyche, rudder, and cornucopia, but there are thousands of results! You could limit your searches to bearded emperors (such as Commodus, A. Pius, M. Aurelius, etc.), but some of them aren't available yet.

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1 hour ago, Furryfrog02 said:

Oh man, I think I may have found it! Page 33 on my RPC search.




That's it!!!

Here's one from the same city with the same reverse type issued for Lucius Verus' mother-in-law and ... um ... step-sister and ... well ... sister-in-law, too.


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