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Visit: State Museum of Egyptian Art - Munich

Prieure de Sion

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State Museum of Egyptian Art - Munich

Google Maps Tag: https://maps.app.goo.gl/rP2jtX1hSRMbWTnR6 


I am currently in Munich and visited the State Museum of Egyptian Art. Actually, I am not very interested in Egyptian history - but we had bad rainy weather. Since Egyptian artefacts are also exhibited in the Roman world - we went on a visit to the museum. Here are a few pictures for the users who are interested in Egyptian artefacts. If you are ever in Munich - the entrance fee is 7 euros / person and worth it in my opinion. I hope you like my pictures a little bit.



Rainy weather - come in...



















This was a Bust of the Roman Epoche in Egypt...







Obelisk of Titus Sextius Africanus ca. 50 AD


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A Highlight: upper part of the coffin of the Daughter and King's Sister Sat-Djehuti...







Parade of the sarcophagi...







A child's coffin and its grave goods...




Rectangular coffin of the woman Henut, Overseer of the Storerooms...




A child's coffin (and death masks) from Egypt in Roman and Byzantine times. Somehow "strange" the middle small children's coffin with the portrait...


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@Prieure de Sion Like you, I don´t have much interest in Egyptian art. But, as the Aunt of my Wife lives in Munich, we also visited this museum a little earlier this year. It is actually a well put together collection and worth a visit. You have taken some lovely photos and will definitely give others a flavour of what is there. Thanks for sharing.

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I am not sure if the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza is open yet. Sort of Reminds me of the items in the Cairo Museum - the old existing one next to Tahrir square. They actually have way more objects than they can exhibit stored away for the most part. Really nice photos, thanks.

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