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Claudius Sestertius Freed!


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Took the time today to break out my Claudius Sestertius.  Pretty pleased with this coin, though I would have preferred a slightly nicer example.  Which brings to mind, there are a number of coins I've had on my list for years, but was always too cheap to pull the trigger.  Now the market is crazy and I cant afford some (still need a Caligula sestertius, but now a nice one is not for me at the moment).


Anyway, show us your freed coins!


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That is really, really nice. Your coin has what I call that undefinable "look" that makes it attractive. The right color, even wear, and just that "look" that I like.

Here is a common Claudius As that had that same intangible appeal to me that I got from CGB....


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Funny, I was just talking, over in medievals, about how Carolingian capitals are a good foil to the monumentality of the Julio-Claudian legends.  --Yes, @KenDorney, especially on the AEs, where the engravers have that much more room to play.  They can viscerally evoke the inscriptions on contemporary stone monuments. 

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I don't have any slabbed coins (moderns included).

But I love your sestertius, @KenDorney. Especially the portrait - it has that perfect mixture of very good conservation and wear level that, for me, makes an ancient coin extremely appealing.

Although I admire coins in XF condition and better (and when I manage to grab a common one at a low price, I get them), I wants to see genuine signs of thousands of years on an ancient coin.

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That's a handsome, hefty coin, @KenDorney! Lovely patina, with brassy highlights. Very nice.

Here's one I busted out of jail!


Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman AR denarius, 3.86 g, 19.2 mm, 7 h.
Rome, AD 149-151.
Obv: FAVSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL, bare-headed and draped bust, right (Beckmann type 2 hairstyle).
Pudicitia veiled, standing left, arranging drapery on right shoulder, and holding up hem of skirt.
Refs: RIC 507a; BMCRE 1051-53; Cohen 185 corr.; RSC 176a; Sear 4706; Strack 493; CRE 206.

Note: Cohen 176 refers to a diademed bust type (likely misdescribed); Cohen 185 with obverse right-facing bust “avec les chevaux ondés” (with wavy hair) and reverse “La Pudeur debout à gauche, se couvrent la tête de son voile, main droite baissée” (Pudicitia stg. l., covering her head with veil, r. hand lowered at side) is probably this coin.

Faustina in jail!


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I am pleased to see the coin posted by @KenDorney liberated as well. I have liberated a few myself. This is not one of them

Claudius Ae Sestertius 50-54 Ob Head right laureate Rv. four line inscription within laurel wreath RIC 112 25.76grms 35 mm Photo by W. Hansenclaudiuss2.jpg.1e346ddcfb36dbed3472449aef3fd6b2.jpg

Claudius is the second emperor to have his portrait placed on a sestertius and this portrait is quite different than that of his predecessor Caius. Even though both heads are perched on remarkably long necks this image of Claudius shows an older man with a  tired eye long straight nose and  a receding chin. At least he has a full head of hair. 

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