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Do you have any coin misses or regrets?


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56 minutes ago, Brennos said:

thanks to @Deinomenid , i'm glad to see back this coin that has generated so many epic discussions on forums !

The seller was french and never replied to messages including of course requests for an in hand examination...

Here is one from the same dies (de Luynes collection)



Did the coin sell on Ebay? What was the final bid?

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On occasion, I scroll through the older parts of my watch list to remind myself of coins I've been interested in previously. Inevitably a feeling of loss often ensues 😁

Here's a few I can highlight:

  • A cistophoric tetradrachm of Hadrian overstruck on a previous issue of Augustus
    • Why? I've wanted to start collecting imperial cistophori for a long time but I've never really managed to find an "in". This would have been the perfect coin for just that purpose. Plus, I adore overstrikes in all forms but especially when the undertype is readily apparent. It certainly doesn't alleviate my sense of regret in that it hammered for pennies (190 EUR + juice).


  • A cistophoric tetradrachm of Q. Caecilius Metellus Scipio
    • Why? At the time I did not have a coin of Scipio in my collection. When I subsequently got one, it ended up costing far more and being slightly inferior in overall aesthetics and grade.


  • A cistophoric tetradrachm of T. Ampius Balbus
    • Why? There's not a lot to this one. It's a rare type from my favourite mint in the series and it hammered cheap. I would have loved (still) to add this coin to my collection.



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