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I want a Seleucid bottlecap; how do I search for them?


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You may have to search the old fashioned way and just scroll endlessly!  Search engines can be of various results, but often they are quite specific.  Its one reason why when I list coins on my site I will use old spellings or commonly mis-spelled names or words just to catch those searching.  Example; in the header I will use 'Seleukid' but in the main description (VCoins seach engine searches both) I will use 'Seleucid'.  Similarly 'Sasanian' and 'Sassanian'.

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Officially they are called serrate. Your probably best off finding the type you want. They started under Seleucus IV and the last was by Alexander II, minted by about a half dozen mints but must were made in Antioch or Ake Ptolemais. Antiochus VI are probably the most abundant. I estimate around 34 different types exist minted in a span of only 47 years.


Antiochus son of Seleucus IV
Mint: Antioch on the Orontes
Denomination C
September/November 175 BC
Obvs: Veiled diademed head of Laodice IV right. Dotted border.
Revs: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY, elephant head left. Tripod outer right, control mark AT in exergue. Dotted border.
AE serrate 17mm, 5.04g
Ref: cf. SC 1371; HGC 9, 612(R2) control mark not listed
Note: Unpublished

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