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I bought this ant for a whopping $45, more than I've ever spent for an ant before. However, the owner of this particular store went a-hunting for new product (since I've been such a regular customer I bought up most of their stock!), and found some special stuff in the back.

This is one of them. Gallienus never fails to surprise with his reverses. I've never seen or heard of Luna Lucifera, but here we are! Diana as Luna, wearing crescent helmet and holding a lit torch.


The surfaces are a little rough, especially on the obverse, but the reverse held up quite well. Here's an extreme macro glamor shot of Luna!


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Nice coin. You should be able to fill in a few different variants and bust types.  The reverse has two variants, one with a flowing cloak and one without.  Additionally, there are two or three bust types (I don’t have Gobl handy).

Then for fun you can collect a later issue with LVNA LVCIF and most commonly with PXV in the exergue.

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Nice coin !


1 hour ago, hotwheelsearl said:

but here we are! Diana as Luna

There are more, also with the legend DIANA LVCIFERA


Julia Domna
AR-Denar, Rome Mint, AD 211-217
Obv.: IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, draped bust right, hair in horizontal ridges, bun at the back, looped plait from ear around back of neck
Rev.: DIANA LVCIFERA (light bringing Diana), Diana Lucifera standing facing, head left, holding flaming long torch transverse left with both hands
Ag, 3.175g, 18.7mm, 0°
Ref.: RIC IV 373a; RSC III 32; BMCRE V p. 430, C1



or with the legend DIANAE LVCIFERAE


Obv.: IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Postumus to right.
Rev.: DIANAE LVCIFERAE Diana walking right, holding a long-handled torch in both hands; quiver on her back.
Ag, 3.66g, 20mm
Ref.. RIC 299, Cunetio 2430

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Great coins! In addition to my common "Diana Lucifera" issued by Gordian III (and recently posted in the "Reverses" thread), I have exactly one coin depicting "Luna Lucifera":

Julia Domna (under Caracalla), AR Denarius ca. AD 215-217, Rome Mint. Obv. Draped bust right, hair waved vertically and fastened in large bun in back, six horizontal ridges, IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG / Rev. Luna, draped, crescent moon on head, fold of drapery in circle around head, standing in biga of horses prancing left, leaning forward and holding reins in both hands, LVNA LVCIFERA. 20 mm., 3.18 g., 7 hrs. RIC IV-1 379c (p. 273), RSC III 105 (p. 56), Sear RCV II 7101 (ill. p. 553), BMCRE V 10 (p. 432) (ill. Pl. 67.11). Purchased from Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., Frankfurt a.M., Germany, Auction 434, 17 Apr. 2023, Lot 617; ex CNG Triton XX Auction, Jan. 10, 2017, part of group Lot  614 (consisting of 59 silver denarii of Julia Domna), No. E049*; ex A.K. Collection**; ex stock of Münzen und Medaillen AG, Basel, Switzerland, purchased 1963.


* Photo and description of Lot 614 No. E049 (this coin) from the separate Triton XX A.K. Collection catalogue, which unfortunately is no longer available online. (I already happened to have a copy of the relevant page from that catalogue, which I received from a dealer from whom I bought No. E051 a couple of years ago.)


**The Triton XX catalogue’s group photo and description of Lot 614 and the A.K. Collection. The reverse of my Luna Lucifera denarius (above the small red dot) is among the handful of individual coins illustrated in the photo accompanying Lot 614. 


“Collection of 59 Roman silver denarii and antoniniani of Julia Domna.
AD 193-217. AR Denarii & Antoniniani. Includes the following: 58 AR denarii and 1 AR antoninianus(different mints). Fifty-nine (59) coins in lot. Coins Fine to EF, toned. Photos and detailed descriptions available online at http://ak.cngcoins.com [no longer available online].

The A.K. Collection of the coins of the Roman Empire was carefully assembled over several decades with a great deal of thought and commitment. The present selection consists of 755 silver and bronze pieces, mostly from the reigns of Commodus, Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Geta, Macrinus, and Diadumenian, and includes both Provincial and Imperial issues. There are also lots with a selection of Provincial coins and imitations of Hadrian to Antoninus Pius. The coins have been divided into the following 14 lots: seven lots contain only silver coins; two lots only contain bronzes; four lots containing only Provincial issues; two lots are from A.K.'s collection of Alexandrian coins; and one lot of ancient imitations and fourrées, etc. of silver and bronze coins of Antoninus Pius to Geta.

The quality of the coins ranges from Fine to Extremely fine. This interesting collection includes some very rare coins, as well as pieces from important collections like those of Dattari, Levis, Nägeli, Niggeler, Prince W(aldeck), Rosen, Steger, Stöcklin, and Voirol. In addition, most of the coins are provenanced from auctions or lists or were bought directly from stock such as those of J. Schulman, Amsterdam; Münzhandlung Basel; Münzen und Medaillen AG, Basel; Dr. Wruck and Habelt, Berlin; W. Winkel, Bielefeld;Frankfurter Münzhandlung E. Button, later Schweizerischer Bankverein, and B. Peus Frankfurt; H.P.R. Frey, Freiburg; Lanz, Graz; Rigö Münzenhandlung Konstanz; Naville,Geneva; Kurpfälzische Münzhandlung, Mannheim; Ars et Nummus, Milano; E. Beckenbauer, G. Hirsch, Münchner Münzhandlung K. Kress, and L. von Ohlendorf, Munich; AlexMalloy, New York; Seaby, London; E. Bourgey, Maison Florange, Maison Platt, and J. Vinchon, Paris; L. De Nicola, Rome; H.-W. Müller, Solingen; G. Neider, Stadtbergen; H.H.Kricheldorf, Stuttgart; G. Bernardi, Trieste; H.D. Rauch, Vienna; Bank Leu, and F. Sternberg, Zurich. 

A separate, fully illustrated catalogue of the complete collection has been compiled, containing the photos and full description of all the coins in each lot. This  catalogue will be available during the Triton lot viewing at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, but you may also request that a catalogue be sent to you.”

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So my favourite LVNA is this one. Not for the quality of the coin necessarily but for the rarity of the coin. Gobl lists only 1 known example and in 25 years I haven’t seen another for sale or auction except the one I acquired.  Not to say that there aren’t more in a collection some where.  However, I present the second known (to me) example:  Salonina Avg/Lvna Lvcifera/star in exergue Resized_20230913_193153_424303596165742.jpeg.30accca57a8e4c3d7c75641ab594c89c.jpeg

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The greek name of Luna is Selene.

Here are two roman provincal coins from Alexandria with Selene:


Obv.: M A KOM ANTω CЄB ЄYCЄB, laureate head right
Rev.: Bust of Selene left within crescent; LΛ (date) to right, LΛ= year 30 = AD 189/190
Billon, 11.19g, 23mm
Ref.: Geißen 2252, Dattari 3889



Faustina II
Obv.: ΦΑVϹΤΙΝΑ ϹƐΒΑϹΤΗ, draped bust right
Rev.: draped bust of Selene, right, crowned with crescent on taenia, torch over shoulder
L – H = year 8 of Marcus Aurelius (167/168).
Billon, 12.88, 21mm
Ref.: RPC IV.4, 16994 (temporary) = this coin

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