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Help identifying this coin


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Hello @Hanna. Welcome to Nvmis Forvms.

It looks like, it may be an ancient Roman provincial coin (1 AD to 300 AD), and/or a late ancient Greek coin (1 AD to 300 AD). But, I'm not very knowledgeable about Roman provincial coins, or late ancient Greek coins. However, there are many knowledgeable members at Nvmis Forvms. Perhaps someone will be able to help identify it.

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1 hour ago, Amarmur said:

It kind of looks like a polish-Lithuanian common wealth coin from the 1600s 

That’s a good point. The letters don’t seem to be Greek or Latin, or maybe it’s just the odd shape of them. 

Plus the reverse simply doesn’t ring any sort of bell on an ancient coin 

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I think Amarmur is on the right track.It looks like a Lithuania schilling John II Casimir Vasa   KM 50 1660or1666. 0 and 6 look alike on those coins.They are also listed as Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth 1/3 grasis  by other cataloguers.Good spot Amarmur

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