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Diva Caecilia Paulina Pia Augusta:- wife of Maximinus Thrax. Thoughts???


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Another recent purchase was a 'coin' of Paulina, wife of Maximinus Thrax.

It was described as a Lead coin of 8.8 gm.

No measurement was given but the coin was described as a 'Sestertius', but looking at the size of the coin in relation to the fingers in the sellers photos, I doubt that description.

It appears to be RIC.2 (R2) - BMC/RE.127 - RCV.8400

Obverse : DIVA PAVLINA.  Obverse translation: “Diva Paulina”, (Divine Pauline). Veiled and draped bust of Pauline on the right,                                         seen from three quarters forward
Reverse : CONSECRATIO.  Reverse translation: “Consecratio”, (Consecration). Veiled Pauline and draped, sitting on the left                                                on a peacock which lifts her to the sky, looking to the left and raising her right hand.


Magical Snap - 2023.09.11 09.03 - 094.jpg

Magical Snap - 2023.09.11 09.03 - 093.jpg

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On 9/11/2023 at 1:24 PM, Roman Collector said:

A cast of a denarius. Not nearly as dangerous as this well-made fake I got burned on in the early 90s.


This fake is really dangerous.

Here is my Paulina Antoninian.




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