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Did I find a DOUBLE DIE-MATCH ? Your opinion please.

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Just received my latest Ebay purchase, took only 8 days from Spain to Montreal by Correos Spain Post. It’s a local imitation of Victorinus with a reverse of Claudius II from Milan. I bought it because I think it could be a DOUBLE-DIE MATCH with another coin in my collection. It doesn’t happen often that you can find two twins specimens of barbaric imitations. But my old eyes could be wrong… So what do YOU think, am I dreaming or what ??? I beg you help me !

And please show me your examples of DOUBLE- DIE matching coins.


17 x 19mm  3.09g (full silvering)


19mm  2.31g


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Neat piece. I would say it is a double die match; the obverse certainly is (looking particularly at the strange N and Victorinus' eyelid), and the reverse probably is too, looking at the slightly joined ends of the C and the angled top of the T

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Below is what seems to be a threefold double die-match from my collection:



These three coins and the two above (+ some others in the same uncirculated condition) come reportedly from a hoard. The coins were sold to me by a French gentleman some 10 or 15 years ago, who was dissolving his collection. As I said, all the coins are in near perfect condition (the coin in the middle has its full silvering) and there are these unusual die-matches, which perhaps suggests that these coins were buried by the mint before ever seeing any circulation.

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Nice coins. There are no coins of the period in my collection.

Even though I do not specifically collect die-matches, I have a few from getting samples in a better state.

Below is a threefold double die-match, which could be all three known coins of this variety: DN ANASTAS-IVS RERP AVC (491-492).

The first one was part of a lot of two coins. A variety not known previously, so it was natural to buy whatever the state was.



Solidus Numismatik. Auction 32. 28/07/2018


Last year this coin appeared. A bit better state - a good reason to get it.


Kölner Münzkabinett Tyll Kroha Nachfolger. Auction 117. 28/10/2022


This year, the third appeared still better… Still not ideal…


Roma Numismatics Limited. E-Sale 107. 16/03/2023

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Definitely a match on the obverse. I'm a little shaky on the reverse but that is probably more due to the orientation of the top coin. I'm going to err on the side of caution and assume it is. If anyone were to know for sure, it'd be you 🙂

Great pick up! You are getting a flock of Victorinus Victories! 🙂

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@Agrippa: wow, I can't remember to have seen a die match of local imitations !

Here a two double die matches from my Hierocaesareia collection. For rare provincial coins double die matches are not so  rare, but I have only these two examples in my collection.


Obv.: OYECΠACIANOC KAICAP CEBA, laureate head of Vespasian right
Rev: IEPOKAICAPEΩN, stag standing right.
Æ, 18mm, 5.15g (upper coin, Ex Gorny&Mosch A271, 531)
Æ, 20mm, 3.85g (second coin)
Ref.: RPC II, 955, upper coin RPC 955-9 (this coin)



double die match of:
Lydia, Hierocaesaraea
Lucilla (Augusta, 164-182)
Bronze, AE 19
Obv: ΛΟVΚΙΛΛΑ СЄΒΑС, Draped bust right.
Rev: ΙЄΡΟΚΑΙСΑΡЄΩΝ, Artemis standing right, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver on back.
Æ, 19.2mm, 5.34g
RPC IV online 1588-6 (this coin)
Æ, 19.3mm, 5.33g
RPC IV online 1588-9 (this coin)


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I've only got one double die link in my collection, but a few others to museum/published coins (always a good confirmation of rarity).


These are an unlisted mint-type for Constantine, issued by Maximinus II during his very brief (10 day?) control of the Heraclea mint in 313, which he had seized when Licinius had been away at Milan with Constantine. Coins from this issue are all scarce, and die links are very common.


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