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Probus/Pax new addition


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A new Emperor for my collection.

Probus, 276-282 AD. AR Antoninianus (4.98 gm; 23 mm). Lugdunum mint.
IMP C PROBVS .  P . F . AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right.
PAX AVG, Pax standing left with branch in upraised hand and raisjng hem of skirt while holding sceptre; Officina D in left field.
RIC 119(D.RC).
Aug 1st, 2023, (Pars Coins) VAuctions, esale #7, Lot # 120



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13 minutes ago, maridvnvm said:

A nice example but I have to disagree with the description.

The bust is Radiate, cuirassed bust right. Bastien 424. 



Thanks for spotting that. I hadn´t noticed the draped part of the dealers description was wrong.

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There are a whole number of legend, officina letter position and bust varieties for this reverse type from this issue. I wil not bore you all with them all but here is an example of what I mean:-

Obv:– IMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from rear
Rev:– PAX AVG, Pax standing left, holding olive-branch and sceptre
Minted in Lugdunum (D, retrograde, in right field) Emission 9, Officina 4. January to August A.D. 282
Reference:– Cohen 404. Bastien 436. RIC 118 var. Bust type C.


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Here is an example from my collection:

Bust type: A = Radiate, cuirassed and draped bust right
Field: -/D//-
Measurements: 3.91g, 6h, 21-22mm
Mint: Lugdunum

RIC: 119 VAR. (D in right field unlisted)
Bastien: 431 (3 ex. cited)


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