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Roman street food


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A co-worker brought in a lunch which would have probably been quite at home in ancient Rome.  A focaccia bread, stuffed with large black olives and juice. I tried to replicate it, but my go-to grocery store doesn't have an olive bar, and when Iooked at the salt level of the olive and feta salad in the cheese section, I decided not to do that. It also didn't help that they didn't have focaccia bread, at least not in small quantities.  I bought a small Italian bread and a sad little packet of olives with juice removed.  However, I think I'll just use the bread with spaghetti and the olives for a future salad. 

I suppose i could dress up the dry olives a bit with olive oil..  I've been meaning to try an intriguing olive oil, which I just opened.  I also have some cans of sliced black olives.

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