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Lifetime of waiting for this US Three Dollar Gold


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Finally got one after 40 plus years of wishin'

(yeah, I'm bragging a little)


1854 Three Dollar Gold

Now it isn't the best but it ain't the worst.  A common first year date, weighing in at AU55 by PCGS. Well, the pictures show this Princess without her make-up on but there's a lot more luster than shown in the TRUVIEW photo.

I'm quite happy finishing up my denomination set. Of course I won't be dreaming of a Four Dollar Stella.

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nickelguy, Congrats on scoring this handsome example of 19th century Americana designed by J. B. Longacre 🤩. Longacre made popular use of the "Indian princess" design on U.S. coinage; the $1.00 gold coins of 1854 & 1856 used a similar portrait theme, & of course his famous "Indian head penny" is one of America's most iconic coins ☺️. The wreath on the reverse of the $3.00 coin is composed of tobacco leaves, wheat, corn & cotton, all of which were important exports of the 19th century. Longacre slightly modified the portrait of the $3.00 coin in 1858 by creating a more realistic headdress, changing the hair style, & adding a pearl neckless to the princess. $3.00 gold coins were never popular with the general public, & mintages dropped significantly after the 1st year of issue. Longacre was the first engraver to use the motto "In God We Trust" on U.S. coinage for the 2 cent coins of 1864-1873. 

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