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The BEST tool for CATALOGUING your collection

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Thought I’d share with my friends here on NumisForums a fantastic place to catalogue, inventory and share your collection. I know some of you already use it, but the site is better known in Europe. I’m using the free version, which is enough for my actuel needs: I can register 250 objects in 4 different collections, I can create an online gallery and the best discovery for me is the possibility to create a PDF or EXCEL catalogue. Here are a few pictures to show you what it’s look like:

The custom sheets for each object



The EXCEL Catalogue




The PDF catalogue




Hoping it will help some of you to get your favorite coin collection in order !


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11 hours ago, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

Hoping it will help some of you to get your favorite coin collection in order !



Before I made my own WordPress website, I was also on CollecOnline. It's a great platform to catalogue your coins, but also to exchange ideas with other collectors. It's also a great team. You can always write to the administrators with suggestions and wishes - and if it's possible and makes sense, the suggestions are also implemented. 

I had the subscription for 5 euros a month. The people there do a great job with the online database. You are also welcome to support this work financially. If I didn't have my own WordPress site, I would use CollecOnline again at any time to manage and present my coins.


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2 hours ago, Kaleun96 said:

CollecOnline's 3D gallery functionality is fun and novel, here's an example of one of @Qcumbor's collections:


5 euro/month is quite reasonable too, you won't be able to do it yourself for cheaper.

Hehe - it's like Quake or Doom or whatever 😄   Can we have a game where we run around buying coins?


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On 7/3/2023 at 9:29 PM, Ryro said:

I tried the free tool and like just about everything this offers!...

Does anyone know, if I pay will they remove the frustrating watermark?


Crazy, considering that the copyright belongs to the person who made the photo.
Unless their terms of use specify that you grant copyright to the site owner by uploading, which is wrong on many levels.

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I use CollecOnline to catalog my collection and I'm very pleased with it.  I was using Forum and Flickr to catalog my coins but started using CollecOnline a couple of years ago and I like it much better.  I have also connected with other collectors in their network with similar interests with whom I had not corresponded before.  I use the free version but I'm approaching the 250 item limit so will likely go to the 1st level of their paid membership which is very reasonable.

Here is my collection: https://www.colleconline.com/en/collections/3939/fugio


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