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A Sweet Victory

David Atherton

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Normally I do not preface my posts with a personal story, however, in this case I cannot help but do so.

Last November I purchased on eBay a Vespasian Lugdunese Victory as struck in 72. The seller is located in France and I assumed it would take several weeks for the coin to arrive. Sadly it never did. After inquiring with USPS about its whereabouts in February I was told the package could not be delivered because it had been addressed to the wrong city and they advised me to file a claim or refund. The seller was not happy about the situation and claimed he had done nothing wrong. After waiting several more weeks without a refund I had to ask eBay to step in (a prompt refund was issued). It always bothered me that this one slipped away ... until another opportunity arose a few weeks ago. The replacement coin is more pleasing and was slightly cheaper. A most sweet victory!



Æ As, 9.26g
Lyon mint, 72 AD
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIAN AVG COS IIII; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.; globe at point of bust
Rev: VICTORIA AVGVSTI; S C in field; Victory adv. l., with wreath and palm
RIC 1203 (R). BMC -. BNC -.
Acquired from eBay, 28 May 2023.

A fairly rare Lugdunese Victory as Struck in 72. Victory was a common theme on Vespasian's early issues and should be viewed in a generic context with no specific link to the Jewish War. This Victory variety sans prow is scarcer than those that include it. Although RIC assigns the type a frequency rating of 'rare' for both issues struck in 71 and 72, the 72 variety seems much scarcer in trade. Missing from both the BM and Paris collections.

In hand.



For those that are curious, here is the missing coin.



I am very pleased with the outcome. Feel free to share your own Victory or victories.

As always, thank you for looking!

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Sweet Victory, indeed!!

Perhaps my favorite Victory is this one, where the goddess stands on a globe.

Trebonianus Gallus, 251-253 CE.
Roman AR antoninianus, 3.49 g, 20.3 mm, 7 h.
Antioch, unmarked officina, 1st or 2nd issue, 251-252 CE.
Obv: IMP C C VIB TREB GALLVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust (viewed from back) of Trebonianus Gallus, right.
Rev: VICTORIA AVG, Victory standing right, on globe, holding a wreath and a palm.
Refs: RIC 94; Cohen --; RSC 127b; RCV 9654; Hunter p. cvi.
Notes: Scarce. Only six examples are to be found among the 949 coins representing 11 hoards summarized by Metcalf (p. 87).

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Victory on prow commemorative celebrating foundation of Constantinople. Mint is Lugdunum. Has nice detail. I would expand to getting a few more As but I'm focused on getting one of every emperor minus the rare and expensive ones.  Don't want to get sidetracked even though there are a lot of cool types for each emperor. So far I have 47 different emperors! Probably will make it to 65 or so before I get stuck 


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